5 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Website and Get More Clients

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First impressions matter, so what are potential clients thinking when they see your real estate website for the first time? You want it to look sleek and impressive, not old and clunky.

The local real estate business is very competitive, with plenty of agencies vying for the business. One top way for your company to stand out is by having a fast, well-designed website that will stand out.

Does your website need a bit of TLC? If so, keep reading to find five top website building tips to improve your real estate business.

1. Focus on Local SEO

If you’re wondering how to get more real estate clients, then you need to understand SEO. SEO helps you optimize your website so it ranks highly on search engines and potential buyers and sellers can find you online.

However, you want to think locally. Build your website around local keywords—keywords or phrases that contain the name of the town or city you want to rank for.

2. Make It Easy to Search Through Listings

Buyers want convenience, so one of our top website building tips is to make your site easy to navigate and search.

Tools like MPS PIN listings are a type of real estate software that makes it easy for customers to search based on price, location, property type, and other key features—see more about MLS PIN.

If customers have to search manually through all of your listings, they’re likely to give up and look elsewhere.

3. Improve Your Site Speed

Real estate websites need to be fast, both for SEO and for user experience. Property listings tend to be heavy on photos and videos, which are large files and can slow down your website.

To avoid this, you’ll want to focus on creating a fast website and compressing images so they don’t slow down your speed.

4. Start a Blog

A great way to increase your blog traffic is by starting a blog. Each newly published blog post is a new chance to drive new traffic to your website.

A helpful and well-written blog also helps establish your agency as a market leader when it comes to local real estate and helps to build brand awareness.

5. Showcase Reviews from Happy Clients

With so much competition in the real estate space, it can be hard for potential clients to know who is trustworthy and capable. To help demonstrate your credibility, add testimonials and reviews to your website from previous buyers and sellers.

This can help encourage others to reach out when they’re ready to list their home.

Improve Your Real Estate Website With These Tips

If you’re ready to grow your business, use these ideas to improve your real estate website and marketing. Having an effective website is a major part of digital marketing, so if you want the lion’s share of the market, you need to boost your online presence.

Get started today and you’re sure to start seeing increased web traffic and new inquiries.

Was this helpful? If so, please keep reading for more useful business and marketing ideas.

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