Building Your Career: How to Become a Construction Manager in 2020

The construction industry employs over seven million people in America. 

Construction management is a key part of the industry and provides a large percentage of these jobs.

If you’re wondering about how to become a construction manager, there are important steps you need to take.

Read on as we tell you how to become a construction manager in 2020.

What Is Construction Management?

Construction managers take charge of the daily running of building sites. Among other things, they are responsible for:

  • Managing budgets and expenses
  • Collaborating with architects and other specialists
  • Liaising with clients
  • Ensuring that teams meet deadlines and minimize delays

Construction managers assume a general management role in construction projects. The specific approach taken will vary from manager to manager.

Degrees in Construction Management

Nowadays, candidates for a job in construction management will be expected to have a Bachelor’s degree

The degree does not need to be in construction management specifically. Degrees in related disciplines like civil engineering or architecture will often be acceptable.

However, building projects are becoming more specialized all the time. Many construction companies are beginning to value more specific expertise when hiring.

If you’re certain you want to become a construction manager, pursue a degree in construction management.

Admissions to construction management degree programs will be based on your GPA and academic transcripts.

Your CV may also be relevant and an interview may be required in some cases.

Modules studied on construction management courses span a broad range of disciplines as it’s a job that requires many competencies.

You can expect to have classes in technology, finance, accounting, planning, surveying, and development, among others.

Master’s Degrees in Construction Management

A Master’s degree is not a must-have when entering the construction management industry. Even so, given the high general level of education among construction managers in today’s market, it may give you a competitive edge.

To enter a Master’s program, you will need an undergraduate degree in construction management or a related discipline.

Developing Experience

To become a sought-after construction manager, you will need experience from building sites.

After graduation, you should try to find work as a management assistant or trainee manager. If you secure a contract with a large firm, they may put you on a graduate program. Here, you will likely spend a couple of years moving from site to site, gaining experience of various types of construction.

When clients hire construction companies, they want to know that all of their operatives are capable and have ample industry experience. For an idea of what type of work construction companies cover, have a look at

How to Become a Construction Manager: The Key Steps

Becoming a construction manager will take hard work and dedication. However, it’s a good job in a booming industry.

For anyone wondering how to become a construction manager, the steps above should provide a solid starting point.

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