6 Tiny House Storage Ideas You Can Use Anywhere

tiny house storage ideas

Are you in the midst of downsizing?

Maybe you’re realizing you don’t need all of the space you currently have. Or perhaps you’re even looking to really simplify with a tiny house.

Whatever the case, as you downsize, you’ll also need to downsize your “stuff.” And this is where tiny house storage ideas come in handy.

Even if you aren’t moving into a tiny house.

Tiny House Storage Ideas for Any Home

If you’re getting ready to make the move to a tiny home, you’ll want to be sure you do some research on this website to get even more out of your experience.

But if you’re just planning to downsize to a smaller space or clear some clutter in your current space, you’ll want to take advantage of the following tips.

1. Make Use of the Vertical

The side of the refrigerator or a cabinet can be used for storage. Add a few hooks to make a home for bags and coats.

You can also affix a pegboard to a wall anywhere else in your house. This is an inexpensive and low-profile way to keep purses, scarves or other clutter off the floor.

2. Clear Counter Space With a Hanging Pot Rack

Even if you don’t have a tiny house, you may still have a tiny kitchen.

Of course, you need pots and pans. But they take up a lot of space. So reclaim drawer and cabinet space by installing an overhead rack.

Another bonus? You’ll have a much easier time locating exactly the pot or pan you need.

3. Take Advantage of Empty Spaces

One of the most useful storage spaces in your house is the space under your couch. If your couch has legs, you can slide some storage boxes under there and use them to store things that are cluttering the coffee table or other shelves in your living room.

Another underused space in a home is the area between the door frame and the ceiling. By installing some shelves in this part of your rooms, you’ll create storage for additional blankets, pillows or linens.

4. Create DIY Tiered Hangers

Who couldn’t use more closet space?

If that’s not available, then make good use of what you do have.

You can use a lightweight piece of chain to create multiple hangers while using only the rod space of one.

Simply loop the first link of the chain over a sturdy hanger, and then hang subsequent hangers on every other link beneath.

5. Opt for a Box Spring/Headboard with Drawers

Similar to making use of the space under your couch, the space under your bed offers even more real estate.

You could also slide storage containers under your bed if it’s high enough. But getting an existing box spring with drawers will make this even easier.

Additionally, you could also look into a headboard with drawer space and keep the clutter off the nightstand.

6. Stick with Rectangles

It can be tempting to place wide, round bowls and baskets around the home and kitchen in an attempt to organize.

But when it comes to saving space, rectangular shapes are going to use much less of it. Plus, rectangular shapes such as cheese boxes or vintage suitcases can be stacked to create extra storage while giving your decor some flair.

Is It Time to Scale Down?

If so, we hope the above tiny house storage ideas help you on your quest to “go small.”

Looking for more ideas and inspiration? Be sure to keep checking back with our hacks blog to get other great tips to make your life easier.

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