Don’t Wait Until Spring: 10 Tips on How to Keep a Clean House All Year Round

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Spring cleaning is known to have originated with Passover–but don’t worry, you don’t need to feel guilty about working to do away with this tradition!

Giving your house a good deep cleaning feels awesome. But what if you could have that awesome feeling all the time, without spending five days every week bent over your floors with a toothbrush and rubber gloves?

Turns out, it’s actually pretty easy to establish a cleaning routine that’ll help keep your space clean all year round–not just for the week after spring cleaning.

If you’re interested in learning how to keep your house clean without gutting the whole thing every spring, keep reading!

1. Make the Bed

You’ve heard the science, right? “Make your bed, change your life!”

According to several psychological studies, people who commit to making their bed every day identify as being both happier and more productive on a daily basis.

With this fact in mind, it’s really no surprise that making your bed each morning can help you learn to keep a tidier house overall. Starting the day with a simple cleaning task can amp you up for the rest of the tasks you’ll tackle throughout your house all the time.

If you need a little more help to get started keeping your place clean, think about checking out this service!

2. Keep the Counters Clear

From the kitchen to the bathroom, this is a big one. It’s easy to leave that tube of toothpaste out after you brush your teeth, and it makes sense that you’d forget to stick this morning’s coffee mug in the dishwasher.

But it’s also super easy to keep your counter spaces clear of clutter!

Make a habit of putting everything away off your counters, and hold yourself to wiping every counter surface down at least once a day. You’ll be surprised how far this small cleaning task will take you!

3. Don’t Neglect the Dishes

One of the most widely-hated housekeeping tasks in the world may be keeping up with the dirty dishes.

But a great way to keep a clean house at all times is to keep a clean kitchen–and no kitchen is clean with a sink full of smelly dishes!

You might not love the task, but washing the dishes each day is the only way to keep them from piling up and making for an even more dreadful task!

4. Set a Laundry Schedule

It’s probably not realistic to force yourself to do laundry each day–we get it. But setting a wash schedule might be just what you need to keep your laundry in order and keep your floors tidy!

Aim for once or twice a week–and don’t cut yourself any slack. Get that stuff washed, folded, and put away on a regular basis!

5. Keep Up on Recycling

Remember your junior year of college when your roommates vowed not to recycle the bottles until you moved out? What a nightmare, right?

There’s no better way to make your home feel trashed than…well…letting it be filled with trash.

Keep up with recycling. You can decide on a schedule based on your output of recyclable materials, but you should never to let recycling pile over the top of its container before taking it in!

6. Don’t Forget the Floors

Ever walk through your home to find tiny pieces of litter and dirt clinging to your feet? Gross.

Especially if you’re doing a good job of wiping the counters down, chances are, your floors are going to get a little gross. A lot of styles of flooring do a good job of hiding dirt and little bits of clutter, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Instead of letting dirt pile up in the corners and stains seep into your carpets, remember to look down from time to time. It only takes a few seconds to run the vacuum or sweep the kitchen…so do it!

7. Refuse Clutter

One of the best ways to ensure your home doesn’t wind up full of clutter by spring is to simply…well, refuse clutter.

Be intentional about your purchases. Throw things out when you know you won’t be needing them. If you don’t give clutter the time to pile up on your counters, you won’t have to spend your time sorting through it!

8. Double-Check Rooms

Some expert tidy-home-keepers set a rule for themselves: Never leave a room empty-handed.

This rule isn’t meant to keep your home’s items rotating from room to room without reason! It’s just meant to remind you to check each room before you leave for anything that just doesn’t belong where it is.

Double-check every room every time you leave. Put those things back where they belong!

9. Complete a Big Task Each Week

To tell you that keeping up on the vacuuming or counter wipe-downs will completely eliminate the need for any big-time cleaning ever would be a little dishonest.

Even if you’re a super-dedicated daily cleaner, you’ll probably still find a need for a deeper cleaning schedule as well. In order to avoid dedicating an entire week to hardcore cleaning, though, consider setting a schedule dedicated to helping you complete one more-major cleaning task each week.

Keep the house tidy and the counters wiped down all week? Great! Spend an hour on Sunday washing the window screens or cleaning the bathtubs.

10. Do a Pre-Bed Sweep

Mom and Dad never go to bed angry, right? Well, your house should never go to bed dirty!

The last thing anyone ever wants to do before bed is spend time cleaning…but a quick sweep through your house each night can make your mornings way more pleasant, and it can actually help you to get a jumpstart on the next day’s small cleaning tasks.

No matter how tired you are, take a second to see if the counters are clean and the floors are clear. You’ll be glad you did!

Want More on How to Keep a Clean House?

Keeping your house nice and tidy can be addicting–just watch!

If you’re still in search of information that’ll help you learn how to keep a clean house, check out the rest of our home and lifestyle content!

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