7 Awesome Bathroom Upgrades That Won’t Blow Your Budget

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The average person will spend over 92 days in the bathroom over their lifetime.

If you’re spending that much time inside one room, you want to make sure it looks nice. It’s actually easy and inexpensive to spruce up this space.

Read below to discover seven awesome bathroom upgrades you can do on a budget.

1. Replace Old Shower Doors

Outdated shower doors are a thing of the past. Remove those doors and replace them with a fresh curtain for a complete shower upgrade.

Not only will a soft curtain open up your room, you’ll no longer spend time scrubbing your dirty shower doors.

The first step is to remove the doors from their frame. Then remove any screws holding the frame in place. Use a utility knife to break the seal between the frame and the wall. Remove all the frames and any excess caulk.

Then hang up a rod and pick out your new shower curtain. This change up is cheap and easy but makes a huge difference in your bathroom.

If you don’t have a traditional shower, consider changing up your bathtub. There are different bathtub materials that can take your design to the next level.

2. Add Pops of Color with Tile

Is your bathroom all white and begging for color? Adding pops of color with tile is a great way to spruce up the look of your bathroom.

Here are a few places to try out tile:

  • Add tile to your vanity countertop to give off some terra-cotta vibes
  • Tile a frame around your mirror to add some color and give a finished look
  • Tile your bathroom floor, as tile rugs and patterns are popular choices right now
  • Tile around your bathtub or shower to make it a focal point

Tile is a great option for adding color and personality to your bathroom on a budget. Start with one of these projects and see how much your bathroom look changes.

3. Create Built-In Shelves

Built-in shelves offer a unique storage solution without taking up valuable space.

Find an area in your bathroom where you could make a recess in your wall. You can use the existing space for a narrow storage solution. Or try borrowing space from an adjoining room for larger shelves.

Once you find the right spot, line the area with beadboard. Then trim the cubby with molding for a completed look. Add in as many or few shelves as you desire. Leave them open for a neat, cost-effective storage solution.

4. Install an LED Mirror

LED mirrors are one of the top trends in bathroom upgrades. LEDs are energy-efficient and last a long time.

These mirrors replace the need for both a mirror and separate light fixture. They come in a variety of sizes to fit bathrooms of all sizes. The most common shapes are square, rectangular, and round.

The following are advantages of an LED mirror:

  • These are more durable and will last longer
  • Energy-efficient to help your carbon footprint and electric bill
  • Adds value to your bathroom and your home
  • Their Modern design doubles as a piece of artwork

Visit Your Mirror for more info on how LED mirrors can transform your bathroom.

5. Paint the Floor

Tired of your old, boring floor? Use a little paint to create a new look for your whole bathroom.

Many people only think to paint their walls, but painting your floor is a great option.

Paint your wooden floors to give them a new life. Choose a glossy porch paint that matches your bathroom’s color scheme. If you feel adventurous, avoid the neutrals and go for a bold color on your floor. Pair this with a neutral wall for a unique, modern look.

Use stencils or designs to add patterns to existing tiles. This can give the same effect as a tiled rug, without the hassle of re-tiling.

6. Pay Attention to the Details

Transform your drab bathroom to an awesome bathroom through the details. Make your guests green with envy by incorporating art, plants, and decor into your remodel.

Cover your bathroom walls with gallery-style hung artwork for a cozy feel. Or bring the focus to one large piece of art for a sophisticated look.

Plants are a great way to add life and color to your bathroom. Your bathroom has low-light and high humidity, so tropical plants are your best option.

Test your green-thumb by adding a few of the following plants to your bathroom:

  • Golden Pothos
  • Spider Plant
  • Peperomia
  • Tillandsias

Once you add your artwork and your plants, your bathroom is still missing a few key elements. Throw a few books on your shelves and add some colored towels. Don’t forget a rug near your bathtub or shower.

7. Try Two-Tone Walls

These add depth and style to your previously boring walls.

Mark on your walls where you want the color separation to be. Then start painting the lighter color a little past this mark.

Apply painter’s tape at the mark and then paint the rest of your wall with the darker color. Remember to wait for each coat to dry completely and apply a second coat if needed.

The options for color combinations are endless. Here are a few color combinations to try in your bathroom:

  • Use two neutrals such as a grey and a white for a simple look
  • Try two shades of the same color
  • Red and grey for a dramatic look
  • Blue and white to add a calming feel to your room

Make sure the top part of your wall is always the lighter color. This will make your walls appear taller than they actually are.

More Ideas for Your Awesome Bathroom Remodel

Are you still looking for more ideas for your awesome bathroom remodel? Try out a few of these projects:

  • Install a chandelier or eye-catching light fixture
  • For larger bathrooms, add comfortable seating
  • Consider designing a shower bench
  • Upgrade your toilet or vanity

Want more ideas for your next home renovation? Check out this article for the top ten simple DIY projects anyone can do.

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