7 Easy Jobs for the Disabled: Don’t Let Anything Get in Your Way!

easy jobs for the disabled

Less than 1 out of 5 people with disabilities are employed. Fortunately, there are easy jobs for the disabled out there.

Around 8 out of 10 people with disabilities are unemployed. Still, companies are making efforts to hire more disabled workers than ever.

Disabled workers can make big contributions to the workforce if only others would let them.

Here are 7 ideal jobs for disabled people:

1. Easy Jobs For The Disabled: Freelance Writer

Freelance writing positions are usually home-based jobs, making them ideal for disabled people.

In order to be a writer, you must have a good eye for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. You should also be able to make anything sound interesting.

Freelance writers write articles, copy, and content for clients. They basically take custom orders and fulfill them.

Your writing will appear on various websites. Over time, you’ll build up a portfolio to show off to prospective clients.

You can also dabble in creative writing by writing novels or poetry. Refine your writing and submit your work to be featured in paid publications.

2. Call Center

Working at a call center is another home-based position. To do this job, you simply answer calls from a call center. This job is ideal if you have a knack for communicating with others through the telephone.

This is a customer service position. While you’re not talking face to face with customers, you’re still dealing with people who might not be pleasant. Make sure you have a thick skin when delving into this field.

For this job, you’ll need a house phone or a cell phone with good reception. You might also be able to answer calls through the internet.

To score this job, you’ll probably have a telephone interview. Read more about how to be successful at telephone interviews.

3. Accountant

Financial institutions are hiring more disabled workers than ever. If you’re good with numbers and willing to undergo training, you can become an accountant.

Accountants give financial information to management by researching and analyzing money amounts/data. They document financial transactions with account information and prepare reports for management.

You must be good at math to do this job. You’ll also need to know all about how to do taxes and tax deductions.

Most accountants go to college to learn their skills. Some states mandate you to take extra courses in financial reporting, taxes, auditing, and more.

The average salary for accountants is $76,730 per year.

4. Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician’s job is to work with pharmacists and help prepare/dispense prescription medication. They take care of tasks such as taking prescriptions in person or on the phone, measuring medication, counting pills, mixing medication, labeling/providing instructions for medication and taking payments.

You must have a high school diploma or GED to become a pharmacy technician. Some states require you to take classes or pass an exam. The majority of your training is done on the job.

You must be adept at customer service and organization. You should also have an eye for detail — any mistakes can have a detrimental effect on someone’s health.

Pharmacy technicians make an average of $12.68 per hour. However, the pay tends to increase with experience.

5. Physician’s Assistant

This is one of the best employment options for people with disabilities.

A physician assistant’s job is to examine, diagnose, and treat patients with a physician’s supervision. Physician’s assistants also take care of duties such as ordering lab tests, interpreting test results, take medical histories, preparing casts, talking to patients about preventative care, prescribing medication, and even assisting in surgery.

Most physician’s assistant programs require you to have 3 years of experience in the healthcare field. Before applying, you can work as a paramedic, EMT, nurse, or another medical position.

Although physician’s assistants need any kind of bachelor’s degree, it’s helpful to have a bachelor’s degree in health or science. Then you can get your master’s degree designed specifically for becoming a physician’s assistant.

There are also intensive bachelor’s degree programs that can make you a physician’s assistant.

Physician’s assistants make an average of $89,097 per year, so all the schooling is worth it.

6. Vocational Counselor

Your experience as a disabled person in the workforce is valuable. As a vocational counselor, you can use your experiences to help other (disabled) people find work.

Vocational counselors assess the skills of a worker, then determine what kind of job is best suited for that person. From there, they connect the person with compatible hiring organizations and job agencies.

You need a master’s degree to become a vocational counselor. You’ll get experience with counseling people on their careers and how to increase their marketability for certain positions.

Vocational counselors make an average of $56,490 per year (which is $27.16 per hour).

7. Management Consultant

Management consultants help businesses maximize their performance. They provide objective advice as to how companies can increase growth, solve issues, and develop special skills. Overall, their job is to increase efficiency, profits, and general level of competition.

Companies want to know how to appeal to the disabled community. They also need insight into how to accommodate disabled workers. As a management consultant, you’re providing businesses with valuable skills they wouldn’t have otherwise.

For this job, you need a bachelor’s degree and a strong business background. However, companies show preference for management consultants with a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Usually, management consultants have a field they specialize in such as education, healthcare, human resources, manufacturing, and more.

Management consultants make an average of $81,330 per year, making this one of the best jobs for people with disabilities.

Score Your Dream Job

Around 29.3% of disabled people are employed. There will be a lot of growth in the fields with these easy jobs for the disabled.

Nearly 15% of all people in the world have a disability. The number is rising, so it’s time to recognize the value of disabled people in the workplace.

Embrace the power of people and learn more about your fellow humans. It’ll rock your world.

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