7 Escorts Reveal Their Most Interesting Stories


When it comes to the world of high-end escorts or women offering the girlfriend experience, the stereotypes range from either end of the spectrum.

Whether it’s expensive cocktail lounges and penthouse suits or the murdered prostitute on a crime investigation show, the lives of escorts seem to be a mystery shown only on T.V.

But 15% of American men have paid for sex, and the level of acceptance towards sex workers and other professional escort workers is steadily growing. Many clients around the world appreciate the convenience and anonymity of working with an escort.

These services are finally coming into the public eye–and so are the women and men who work in the industry.

Here are some real-life confessions about the secret lives of escorts. From weird client requests to personal details, these intimate stories from escorts will give you a whole new perspective.

Escorts Reveal Their Most Interesting Stories

If you’re considering using an escort service–or even if you’re just curious–you might have an idea of what to expect from a typical sex worker.

Through an online booking service like Angels of London, you can usually see a profile with their rates, physical details, and sexual preferences.

But there might be more to them than meets the eye. Have you ever wondered what kinds of stories an escort could tell? What are their strangest client experiences? What’s an average day like on the job?

Take a look at these work stories from escorts–from the weird to the sad to the downright terrifying.

1. He Threw the Cash at Her

“When I was 18, I was looking for a sugar daddy when the CMO of a very well known company offered me $1000 for the hour if I came to his hotel room.

I hadn’t considered transactional sex for money before but I was interested with the price so I showed up, got my money in about three minutes and went home with an uncontrollably large smile on my face.

I wasn’t nervous and I didn’t feel guilty but then again I’ve never been sexually repressed and did plenty of research beforehand. The only awkward part of the night was when he finished rather quickly and then, I’m assuming from embarrassment, threw the cash at the door and asked me to leave.”

2. Calling Her “Mother”

“One guy asked to call me ‘mother’ the whole time we were doing the deed.

Keep in mind, variations of this are pretty common stuff but I’d never had anyone want to call me ‘mother’ all matter-of-fact like he was an English butler giving instructions on cleaning the mansion.”

3. A Virgin Escort

“Through my agency, I was the pick of the pack since I’m a virgin and some guys are really into that. I was nervous as hell, but I knew that I was chosen by that client specifically for my lack of experience, so there wasn’t much point in hiding it.

He really, really got off on the fact it was my first time, and that he was my first client. Spent most of the night there – he didn’t push the no penetrative sex rule. He ended up giving me $3000.

I was really wound up all the way home, and honestly, I’d never seen that much cash in my whole life. I guess I couldn’t help myself either because the second I got home I masturbated with the wad of cash in one hand because I was so turned on from the nights activities + money.”

4. Like a Panda

“I only did it for a few months. I was young, the place was brand new and it was the opening day. I turned up early and only one guy came that day, it was also his first time, which made it a lot easier.

It was the height of summer and it turned out the windows were broken in the room I was in and because we’d only just opened–no fans.

It was alright at first, bit of warmth, but then once we started getting into other stuff we were both getting so hot and sticky. We finished off and we were both dripping with sweat, it was pretty grim. Luckily we both found it kinda funny and ignored it.

He went for another shower and I looked in the mirror, all of my eye makeup had completely run down my face. He basically fucked a panda.”

5. Study Sessions

“I had one client who wanted to watch a friend and I pretend to study. He didn’t even touch himself while we did this but he would direct like ‘stretch and yawn like you’re tired’ and things like that.

His one stipulation was that we never acknowledge his presence in any way other than following his directions.

My partner was actually in school at the time and actually did study during these sessions which was even better for the client. I must have done this with her 10 times.”

6. Rejected a Client

“I’ve had a number of ‘first timer’ clients but the only one I rejected was when this 18-year-old skinny kid made arrangements with me.

When he showed up and I spoke to him for about ten minutes it was clear his older brother had pushed him into the entire thing–that he wasn’t comfortable, and was possibly in denial about being gay. I felt really terrible for him and canceled the appointment.”

7. Unusually Large

“I met one client who had warned me beforehand that he was unusually hung and I took this for the standard humble bragging that I’d heard so many times before.

Well, when he arrived he really wasn’t kidding. The thing was as long as my forearm and thicker than my wrist and it looked even bigger than that since he was only about 5 and a half feet tall.

I had to politely decline because there was no way I could have made that work. I actually felt bad for him though, he’d clearly been declined for the same reason before.”

Confessions of an Escort

Working with an escort can be an unforgettable experience. But it’s always important to remember: Escorts are people too.

They each have their own motivations, desires, and real-life experiences.

Listening to these stories can give us a better understanding of what it’s like to be an escort–the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Looking for more weird, fascinating stories? Check out some of our other articles on sex and relationships.

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