9 World-Famous Herbs for Getting Good Sound Sleep

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According to one study, 27% of Americans say that they have difficulty falling and staying asleep.

If you feel like you’re part of that percentage, you may be looking for natural sleeping remedies for good sleep! Thankfully, there are plenty of herbs for deep sleep.

Keep reading to find out what they are!

1. Chamomile

Chamomile is a great herb to take that will help you sleep, but it won’t affect the chemicals in your brain that can help you sleep. It can help you relieve anxiety, reduce mental stress. 

This will help you have a calmer disposition, ad once you’re calm you’ll be able to actually lie down and sleep. A lot of people with insomnia don’t realize how strung up they are and not relaxed. 

Chamomile can be put into a tea to help you sleep. You shouldn’t have any side effects from it either. You can also use it as an inhalant, massage oil, or even drop a few drops of it into your warm bath. 

You can rest assured that this works because civilizations like South America, Europe, and Mexico have used it for years.

2. Lavender

Lavender is another popular herb for deep sleep, and it also works to calm some of your anxious nerves. Some studies suggest that it can even help to improve the quality of sleep, which can even help you stay asleep at night. 

You’ll likely be able to find this in oil form. You can get a diffuser in your bedroom and have it diffuse the oil about half an hour before you’re ready to go to sleep.

If you don’t have a diffuser, you can also put it in some tea. It smells amazing, which is why people have also made lotions that you can put on your wrists to help you sleep. 

If you have an anxiety disorder, you can also find lavender oil in a supplement form that you can use with other anxiety medications. 

3. Magnolia Bark

Magnolia bark can be found in pill form and is a good alternative if you don’t want to take melatonin or sedatives. You should start with the lowest dose first to figure out how it affects you.

You shouldn’t take it while you’re driving or during the day because it helps to relax your mind and induce drowsiness. Once you’re tired enough, you’ll also go into deep REM sleep. 

If you’re feeling really stressed out, taking magnolia bark herb can also help to lower cortisol, which is the stress hormone. Doing this might also help you fall asleep easier. 

4. Valerian Root

Valerian root was native to Europe, but now people grow it in North America too. It’s been used for thousands of years, and it’s been a reliable treatment for insomnia. 

In the United States, it was officially listed as a drug in 1946, so that many people can use it for things like sleeplessness, restlessness, anxiety, and more!

Scientists still want to study this more, but they do know that it can help you get a restful, deep night of sleep. 

5. Blue Skullcap

Blue skullcap is sometimes also called the American skullcap. It has all kinds of anti-anxiety benefits, but the number of studies done on it is limited.

However, because of its calming effects, you could use it to help sleep better. 

You can find this normally in powder form, so it works great when you mix it in with your tea. 

6. Passionflower

Passionflower is a shrub that can be found in America, and it’s also a beautiful flower that eventually grows a passionfruit.

However, the flower and the vine can be used as all kinds of supplements. People use it all the time to fall asleep, and there have been several studies done on rats to see if it actually shortened the amount of time it took them to fall asleep. 

Because there have only been a few studies done on humans, you should make sure that you consult with your doctor before you try this supplement.

7. California Poppy

If you want good herbs for deep sleep, look into the California poppy! These come from California, and you’ll be able to tell what they are because they are large, red and orange flowers. 

They will help lower your anxiety and restlessness before you fall asleep, which will eventually give you a good night’s sleep. 

You can normally find it as oil in a tincture, and you can put a few drops of it under your tongue to help you get a good night’s sleep. 

8. Mimosa

Mimosa might be your favorite drink for the morning, but these flowers were actually used as a Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been used to lower stress. 

It will help calm your mental and emotional needs by switching off your nervous system, which is what will keep you awake at night. 

9. CBD

CBD is another natural sleeping remedy that will help to lower your anxiety before you fall asleep. 

Many people use it for this benefit, but you should make sure that you check the legality of it in your area before you start using it! 

If you’re interested in this supplement, you should find out more about how CBD can benefit you!

Discover More of the Best Herbs for Deep Sleep

These are only a few of the best herbs for deep sleep, but there are many more of them out there!

We know that not sleeping can wreak havoc on your life, but we’re here to help you out.

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