The Common Types of Vapes Explained

Close up on a man exhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette

Curious about the different types of vapes available on the market today? Believe it or not, no matter how unusual a vape looks, it falls under one of four categories. And all vapes are composed of the same fundamental parts.

When you’re ready to learn all about the types of vapes available today, so you can impress your friends and find the vape that’s perfect for you, read on.

Vape Anatomy

Anyone buying a vape, or “vaporizer” as they were originally called, needs to assess the same four fundamental elements:

  • Sensor
  • Battery
  • Atomizer (Heater)
  • Tank (Cartridge)

The tank holds the e-juice. It’s this juice that’s heated by the atomizer until it vaporizes, aka turns from liquid to gas. This is the smoke that users breathe.

The battery provides the power to heat the atomizer, and the sensor turns your battery on and off. It’s an uncomplicated process that uses simple, inexpensive components.


Yep, they’re spitting images of traditional cigarettes. Or, at least, pretty good imitations. But that’s where the similarities end.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes can be used over and over again. They also require a battery and a full tank of e-juice, aka vape juice, to operate.

Another big difference is the wide variety of e-juices available. Stores offer traditional cigarettes in only a handful of varieties. On the other hand, folks who own vape stores, like those over at, carry more than 160 flavors of e-liquid.

Vape Pens


Vape pens evolved from cig-a-likes. But, unlike their predecessors, these pens contain a slightly larger chamber and battery. A larger chamber is especially important to folks who vape vast quantities.

Vape Mods

The “mod” is an abbreviation for “modified e-cigarette. These little babies are also referred to as APVs or advanced personal vaporizers. They’re known for one thing: huge vape clouds.

You may have heard about vape enthusiasts who grew tired of the paltry smoke provided by their cigarette-looking vape device. They wanted more, so they turned to, of all things, their flashlights.

You see, these enthusiasts needed larger battery supplies to power a larger atomizer. That atomizer could, in turn, create ginormous vape clouds. Fortunately, you can avoid their sketchy and sometimes explosive mistakes by avoiding the flashlights and purchasing a vape mod instead.

Pod Mods

If you’re considering your vaping options, a pod mod is a more modern version of a cigarette look-alike. They’re a low-wattage alternative for folks who want a more elegant vape and aren’t concerned with massive vape clouds.

Types of Vapes: Nicotine Vs. Cannabis

Be aware that vapes that work for nicotine e-juice might not work for cannabis e-juice. Each juice evaporates at a different temperature. That means that the sensor and battery must be adjusted to suit the liquid you choose.

Determine your purpose first. If you’re worried about health issues, read the latest nicotine and cannabis facts. Then you can figure out which kinds of vapes will work best for you.

What’s Next?

Now that you know which types of vapes the market offers, take a moment to think about when and how you’ll use your vape. Once you determine which category you fall under, you can narrow your scope by manufacturer and brand.

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