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Arrive in Style: 11 Creative Wedding Transportation Ideas

You found the perfect guy. The date is set and the details are falling into place. Planning the perfect wedding day is all about the details. Lots and lots of details. 

Don’t forget to consider how your arrival for your big day. The last thing you want to do is be ready in your carefully chosen dress and have to squeeze into your messy car for the drive to the ceremony. 

As the star of the show, the bride should have a special and memorable way to arrive at the wedding. Consider these wedding transportation ideas to make your grand entrance. 

1. Great Vespa Exit

Your groom can arrive on the decorated Vespa for the ceremony. Then he can whisk away his bride on the back of the Vespa. Imagine the photos of the veil flying in the wind as the bride and groom leave their wedding ceremony.

Use the Vespa to make a quick exit. Then holding on tight, take a spin as husband and wife together for the first time. This is also a great way to arrive back at your reception as a happily married couple.

Many resorts or destination weddings locations will offer Vespa rentals.  

2. Take to the Waterways

This is for the bride who loves the water. Or maybe the bride who is having a waterside wedding. 

If arriving via water sounds exciting, there are many options depending on your location and wedding style.

For the rustic, more relaxed bride, she may want to arrive in a rowboat with her dad bringing them into the dock. A canoe built for many is perfect for the bride who wants all her besties with her as they pull up to shore. For the destination wedding, what more romantic arrival is there than an antique sailboat or gondola to bring the bride ashore?

3. Trolley Bus

What a better way to bring the whole wedding party together than on a vintage-inspired trolley bus. The trolley bus has seating for up to 35 guests. This would allow your wedding party to ride to and from the wedding together in air-conditioned comfort. 

The trolley bus offers a fun backdrop for photographs. It can also tour your wedding party around for photographs in different locations. Learn more about Trolley Bus Rentals by visiting our site today.

4. Farmer’s Big Ole Tractor

Farm weddings have been the rage for a while now. What better way for the bride to arrive than on the farmer’s tractor.

Ask the tractor driver to get it washed and climb aboard. The tractor can arrive at your ceremony site. You can climb down and make quite the entrance to your big day.

Another fun feature of having the tractor at your rustic wedding is to use it as a prop for photos after the ceremony. 

5. A Bicycle Built for Two

This bride has to have some real spirit and coordination. But what better symbol of the joining of two lives than the bicycle built for you to ride together. Be sure to do some practice rides ahead of time, so you can handle pedaling in the dress.  

The tandem bicycle is also another great prop for photos and decor once it arrives at the reception site and the bride and groom hop off. 

6. School Days to Wedding Days

Are you or your groom educators? Did you meet back in your elementary school days and are now getting married? What better way to pay homage to your story than by hiring a school bus to bring you and your wedding party to the big day. 

Be sure to consider the possible temperature for your wedding day. Most school buses do not have air conditioning. No air is easier to tolerate as a 6-year-old than as a bride in full wedding attire. 

One great feature of the school bus is that it can hold a big group. So plan for your whole wedding party to arrive together.

7. Antique Car

Consider choosing an antique car that sets the stage for your wedding. Is your big day about glamour and elegance? Why not rent a vintage Rolls Royce.

How about you and your dad arrive together with him behind the wheel of a vintage Corvette convertible. When the ceremony is over, the bride and groom can hop back in and go for a spin to the reception together. 

Or consider looking for a vintage car with more personality like a brightly colored vintage VW beetle. No matter what antique car you select, it’ll offer up great photos ops for after the ceremony too. 

8. Horse Drawn Carriage

What says romance more than a horse-drawn carriage? Imagine the bride and her escort down the aisle arriving at the ceremony as all the guests, and groom too, look on. Climbing down from the carriage in your wedding gown is the stuff princess dreams are made of. 

After the ceremony, your carriage awaits. The bride and groom can climb back aboard and be whisked away in the carriage for a little alone time before the reception and celebrating begins. 

You might also consider hiring multiple carriages to have the whole wedding party arrive in royal style. 

9. Vintage Pick Up Truck

Is your groom a pick-up truck kind of guy? Imagine he and his groomsmen arriving at the wedding in the back of a vintage pick-up truck. This scenario is especially fun for an outdoor rustic themed wedding. 

After the wedding, the bride can ride shotgun while the groom takes the driver’s seat and takes them off to the reception. 

10. Luxury Car or Limousine

This is how all brides used to arrive. So many other over the top options have come to be, the limousine is almost forgotten. But there is nothing more fitting a bride on her wedding day than arriving in the luxury of a stretch limousine. 

Post-wedding, there is room in the limo for the wedding party to join and celebrate as you head towards the reception. 

11. Take to the Skies

Want to make a big bridal statement? Hop aboard a helicopter and have it take you to your wedding ceremony. Nobody will ever forget the bride and her arrival as the helicopter touches down and you climb out. 

Wedding Transportation Ideas For Your Dream Wedding

Wedding planning isn’t for the faint of heart. Every detail must be considered carefully. Will it fit in your budget? Does it create the right mood you want for your special day?

How you arrive and leave your wedding is no exception. Every bride dreams of her arrival for her big day. Consider using one of these wedding transportation ideas as part of your special day. 

For other great wedding ideas or to get help planning your destination wedding, visit our blog today. 

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