6 Important Questions to Ask Lawyers Before Hiring

Finding yourself with legal woes is stressful enough, but then you need to pick a good attorney. With each of them promising you a win, how can you tell which one is the right fit for your case?

Luckily, since most lawyers offer free consultations, you have the chance to cross-examine them before you sign on the dotted line. By knowing which questions to ask, you can walk confidently into court knowing you have the best lawyer on your side.

Let’s look at 6 important questions to ask lawyers before you hire one.

1. How Many Cases Have You Represented Like Mine?

Most people want to know how many years an attorney has been practicing law, but you should take that one step further. Find out how much experience this firm has in cases like yours.

Be sure to ask for details. It’s good to know the outcome of these cases and who the typical clients were. The closer the details match up to your case, the better.

2. What Are the Attorney Fees and Costs?

One of the key questions to ask lawyers is what their services will cost you. While you want to win your case, you want to do it without breaking the bank.

Always find out the breakdown of their fees. Know what their billing process is and if there are payment options. If you have a tight budget, be sure to let them know that upfront.

3. Are There Any Conflicts of Interests?

An attorney is responsible for letting you know if there are any conflicts of interests before taking your case.

A conflict of interest would be any situation that would cause them to act in a way that benefits the other party and not you. You want to be sure a lawyer is 100% on your side before you hire them.

4. Who Will Be Working on My Case?

Many law firms have a team of lawyers, junior associates, and paralegals who work together on cases. Since each firm has different policies on how the workload gets divvied up, find out what the policy is for your lawyer.

Many times you can save money by having firm employees work on tasks since they work at lower hourly rates. Just make sure your lawyer stays involved in all key decisions in your case.

5. What Is the Best Way for Us to Communicate?

It’s important that you’re comfortable with the way your lawyer prefers to handle communications. Having timely and clear communication is essential.

If you prefer phone calls, it’s best to have a lawyer who does as well. Miscommunication makes it too easy for important details to fall through the cracks.

6. What Are the Likely Outcomes of My Case?

While they can’t predict the future, an experienced attorney should have a pretty good idea what your likely outcomes will be. Getting honest and realistic answers will help you prepare for what’s to come.

Find a Winning Team by Knowing the Questions to Ask Lawyers

Having the best lawyer behind you takes much of the stress out of your legal situation. By knowing which questions to ask lawyers, you will have the peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best results possible.

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