Polyvinyl Alcohol: What Is It Used For?

In the wake of trying to stay clean, we have used everything possible to keep our homes and businesses safe. Antibacterial soap, hygiene wipes, and countertop sprays are just a few of the many cleaning items we have in our wares today.

On that note, we may also consider using alcohol for our cleaning needs as well. Polyvinyl alcohol is a popular type of alcohol that is mostly used to deal with adhesives. However, it definitely has plenty of other uses besides that.

This article will mention a few of the many polyvinyl alcohol uses that you can benefit from. Keep reading on to find out what this product can do for you!

What is Polyvinyl Alcohol?

Thinking that the uses of polyvinyl alcohol only boil down to adhesives is saying you only see part of the picture. There’s really a lot more to it than meets the eye.

When alcohol is made from polyvinyl properties, it consists of synthetic polymers that are strung together to make a durable material. It starts out as ethylene and goes through a series of changes to produce a strong compound that’s safe to use.

What It Can Do for You

As said before, this type of alcohol is used for more than just a simple adhesive. For starters, it’s widely used to strengthen textile yarns to make them more durable and longer-lasting.

It also helps to make paper more grease and oil resistant (perfect for those accidental spills and mishaps), is used to create children’s toys, and is even used to make the pod packages we use in our dishwasher or washing machine.

This alcohol is even safe enough to use as a contact lens lubricant, so there’s a good chance that if you wear contacts you’re using this solution right now. It’s safe and effective no matter what you plan to use it on.

With all of the many uses you’ve learned about now, you would definitely benefit by having some polyvinyl alcohol of your own. Make sure to buy some to take care of your needs and get the most out of its use!

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