Cannabis Marketing: How to Make Your Strain Stand Out

Strong marketing is important in every industry, but in a field as competitive as the cannabis industry, it’s crucial. If you want to make it in cannabis, you must promote your products and promote them well. There are thousands of strains out there, so if you want yours to stand out, your marketing plans and strategies have to be flawless.

Cannabis marketing can seem daunting, but it may be easier than you think. Follow these marketing suggestions to develop a multi-faceted marketing campaign that will help you and your strain get noticed.

Conventional Marketing

There are many common and well-known methods to market products, such as print and broadcast advertising.

Advertise in Alternative Newsweeklies and Small Newspapers

Smaller publications have more affordable advertising rates. They also tend to reach some of the exact kinds of people you want to reach. This type of advertising is a big bang for your buck and will help you to get your name out there.

Buy Advertising Space in Industry-Specific Publications

Another effective print advertising strategy is to publish advertisements in industry-specific publications to inspire a buzz about your product within the cannabis business community. This will be a great help in beginning to make your strain a household name among the people who really know the cannabis industry well.

Reach Out to Podcasts

Not everyone reads these days, but 32% of people listen to a podcast once a month or more. There are a number of popular cannabis podcasts out there and if you can get one to mention your strains or business name on the air, that can be a big boost.

Modern Marketing

Thanks to the internet, we now have a wide variety of new ways to market products.

Use Social Media to Your Benefit

79% of Americans have a social media profile, so social media is a great way to market marijuana as well. It’s best to cast a wide net in the social media realm. Create profiles on a variety of platforms, and keep them updated and active for best engagement.

Create a Blog

Blogs are a great way to get the word out about your product. Of course, you already have a website, but posting new blog posts on it frequently will help it to rank better in search engines. Plus, it will allow your customers and potential customers to learn more about you and your brand.

Learn About SEO

SEO, search engine optimization, is less complicated than it sounds. When writing promotional blog posts for your site, be sure to include a lot of words and phrases that people might use when searching for something like your product. This is simple but will help lead cannabis customers right to you.

Unconventional Marketing

Marketing a product can be a lot of fun if you get creative about new ideas and ways to do it.

Get Your Name Out There

The more people hear and see your name, the more they will remember it. Post the name of your strain everywhere you can. Make stickers and clothing; if you have a stylish friend who wears weed clothes, plaster him or her up like a walking billboard.

Give Away Merch (Such as Weed Clothes)

Once you have made some cannabis marketing merchandise, give it away and encourage others to spread the word. Many of your friends and fans will be more than happy to wear things with your strain’s name on it. This, too, will help to spread the word and will show that others support you.

Happy Marketing

These tips are great starting points for your cannabis marketing plan. Trying all of these strategies together as a group will help you to get the word out about your strain, and will help you to get it into the customers you know will appreciate and enjoy it the most. Just remember to keep at it and soon your fans will be knocking down your door asking for more. Good luck.

If you’re interested in learning more about marketing, the cannabis industry or both, check out our Products page.

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