Communication Disruptions: Important Signs You Need a New Phone

There are 1.56 billion smartphones sold each year worldwide. Much of the reason for their high volume turnover is due to their short lifespans and available new upgrades. 

Are you not sure if your phone is due for a trade-in? There are some clear indications that you do.

Read on to find out the clear signs you need a new phone. 

Won’t Upgrade its Operating System

One of the first questions you should ask isn’t, “how often should you get a new phone?” The real question is how outdated your phone is. 

Older models might not tell you when it’s time for an essential update of your operating system, which could be often. Bugs are fixed and new features are added to increase the functionality of your phone during an update. 

If you miss many updates then your phone will start to become incompatible with certain apps and act unstable. It is also a security risk as hackable pathways are prevented during a system update. 

It can be difficult to move to a new system in a very out-dated phone. So, if your phone isn’t worth the hassle of taking it to a specialist for an update you might think about just getting a new one. 

Missing New and Standard Features

Seeing cool new features on your friend’s phone might have you asking, “when should I upgrade my phone?” It all depends on which features are most important to you. 

Some technology is becoming a standard on smartphones. For example, face recognition is standard on most new models as you will find in this new Samsung S20 range review

See which features you would like in a new phone that your old phone doesn’t have. Make a list of your priorities to see if a new phone has more than one feature you desire. 

Lagging in Speed

There are a lot of factors that affect the speed of your phone. So when asking, “should I buy a new phone?” you need to compare your speed with the capability of others. 

First, the processor might be old, so it can’t handle too much data at once. This will make your phone unable to open multiple apps or browsing tabs at once. 

Second, your storage space may be to blame for your slow speed. Instead of deleting photos and files to clear up space, buy a new phone with more internal storage and RAM. 

Third, your battery can also make your phone slow as it tries to conserve more energy. Getting a new battery might help, however, purchasing a new phone might be more economical.

Finally, if your phone overheats from being left in the sun or overcharged it can slow down its speed. It can also cause longterm damage to your phone, which is just another reason to buy a new one. 

Horrible Camera 

A deal-breaker for most people when they ask, “should I upgrade my phone?” is that the camera takes awful photos. 

Smartphones are the new cameras, but your old one might be so old that it was around during the digital camera era. Step into 2020 with a phone that takes amazing portraits and stunning landscapes.

Plus, you will finally get to use photo apps without being embarrassed by your final results. This means no more filters to hide the fact that your camera is horrible. 

When buying a new phone look for ones that have HD resolution options and large pixels as well as optical zoom and an array of editing options. 

With a better camera, you can now share your photos on social media and with friends and family. No more relying on someone else to take that panoramic or group pic. 

Broken Screen

After using a phone with a broken screen the answer to “should I get a new phone” is an obvious one. Touch screens are meant to be touched so when you rub your thumb over broken glass day after day it can be painfully annoying. 

You can try to fix your screen at a repair shop, but they can be almost as expensive as a new phone. You may also be without a phone for a few days if you need to send it to your network provider. 

Some people successfully replace their own screen but this is a tedious, dangerous, and often difficult task.

Save yourself the trouble by getting a new phone. Then use a durable cover and a tempered glass screen protector to prevent another broken screen. 

Won’t Hold a Charge

Many newer phones have sealed exterior shells. This means when your battery goes bad you can’t easily replace it with a new one. While a protective seal keeps it safe from water and other damage, it also means you need a new phone if it won’t charge anymore.

Some phones will charge only halfway and shut off randomly. This is a dangerous problem when you rely on your phone for the internet and communication. 

If your phone only stays on when plugged in then you need a new phone immediately. Using, and especially talking, when the phone is plugged in can cause electrical shock. Don’t take the risk of using your phone in this state. 

Listening to the Signs You Need a New Phone

Now that you know the signs you need a new phone your next step is to listen to your common sense and make the switch. Buying a new phone will be worth the investment when you can use it without frustration. 

Once you get your new phone, check out our Movies and TV section for a crystal clear picture. 

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