Cute Office Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed

cute office supplies

It’s Monday morning. You shut off your alarm with enough resentment to leave a bruise, autopilot through your morning routine, and suffer through your commute. You drag yourself into the office and stare at your desk, trying to summon the willpower to survive the next five drab days.

It’s not a pretty picture but it’s one most of us have experienced. Sometimes tiny changes can make those long days at the office more bearable.

That includes the tiny change of brightening up your office with cute office supplies.

Cute Office Supplies to Perk Up Your Work

Need a little inspiration for ways to brighten your desk?

If you’re in need of a perk-up, break out the coupons and embrace some retail therapy.

Stand Up Memo & Photo Holder

Let’s say you have a reminder you need to keep handy and visible. Ever tried the old “put a sticky note on your computer monitor” tactic? Either the stickiness wears off, or the note hangs down enough to get stuck on your keyboard or other items. Either way, it’s one more irritation that leaves you reaching for that stress ball.

Try a standing note holder instead. If you have limited space, some holders have a since clip or ring sticking up. If you’re feeling like something more fun, though, check out a cool design like a tree-shaped note holder.

Personal Humidifier

As the saying goes, “winter is coming.” No one wants to be stuck at work with a dry nose all day, but chances are that you don’t have much climate control power.

For a handy way to make your workspace more comfortable, try a personal humidifier. These cute accessories are just big enough for your cubicle. There are plenty of fun designs, some shaped like flowers or cacti. If you want something more portable and space-friendly, there are some humidifiers that attach to your average water bottle instead.


If you’re like most of the office-dwellers, your computer is the center of your world from 9-5. Tech gadgets can make it easier to use and they can also give it a cute touch.

One ever-useful option is a USB hub. These gadgets work like splitters, letting you use several USB ports at once. There’s no shortage of cool designs, from ladybugs and spiders to tiny humans.

Cool Day Planner

There’s a special panic you get when you realize you forgot about a meeting or a deadline. Sometimes a simple planner can go a long way toward keeping your schedule in check.

Any old day planner will do, by why not have some fun with it? There are designs available for any aesthetic and any personal style.

Wall Mount Supply Organizer

Clutter is a killer, and your desk is no exception. Between paper clips, pens, highlighters, and all your other office supplies, your desk can get crowded in a hurry.

To keep a clear and organize workspace try getting it all off your desk with a wall-mounted organizer. If you’re creative, you can even DIY it to add a personal touch. Heck, you can even use them as cool DIY gifts for your co-workers.

Personalizing Your Workspace

Everyone needs some personal flair to make their working environment feel more energizing. Sometimes simple changes like buying some cute office supplies can do the trick.

For more cool ways to brighten your work like, check out our blog.

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