How to Create Unique Gifts for Friends and Family Without Breaking the Bank

unique gifts for friends

Are you on the hunt for unique gifts for friends that won’t break the bank?

Between birthday’s, holiday’s and other celebrations, the cost of gift giving can quickly add up and it becomes more difficult to find new and creative ways to show the people in your life you care.

Not to worry. We’ve broken down some tips to approaching gift-giving that will make your friends smile and keep your wallet happy.

Make a Memory

Gifts don’t always have to be something you purchase in a store. Some of the best presents can be a shared memory or experience you create with a friend. Cook them their favorite dish or plan a fun day of hiking and a picnic.

Take inventory of the things they like to do most and see if you can plan something around that. The cost will likely be less than a gift itself and most of the time it will be something you were planning on doing anyway, like grabbing a meal.

Look for Sales

This may seem like a given but if you wait until the last minute to find your gift, you’re going to miss out on sale opportunities. Snagging sale items requires forethought. You’ll need to think about what you want to get your friend in advance so you can scour sales.

Doing this in advance also allows you to find the best deal and in some cases even snag cool stuff under $5. You’ll have the time to find something meaningful that you know your friend will want and love.

Buy in Bulk

If you have to give presents to several people at once, it’s a great idea to buy in bulk. This is perfect if you have an office full of coworkers to give holiday presents to or great for teacher gifts at school from your little one.

It’s more cost effective to decide on a great, affordable gift and then buy them all and at once. Don’t worry about getting individual gifts for various people. The cost will add up and the whole endeavor will take up more of your time than you’d like to spend.

Make a Donation

A great way to spread the love when it comes time to give a present is to donate some money to a friend’s favorite charity or even one of your own. You can make a donation in their name to your local animal shelter or homeless shelter.

Send a card to the person you’re giving the gift to telling them you’ve made a donation in their name and letting them know exactly how that donation will benefit the charity so they can know it’s made a difference.

Try Some of These Unique Gifts for Friends Today!

You don’t have to spend your life savings getting unique gifts for friends. Follow the tips above and find the things and experiences they’ll appreciate without worrying about your bank account.

Curious about other helpful tips and tricks? Check out the rest of our blog!

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