Dress for the Job You Want: Make an Impact With Your Professional Look

A lot of work goes into finding the ideal job.  

People today spend roughly 11 hours weekly seeking employment. After going through numerous applications and sending your resume around, getting called in for a job interview is the last step toward potentially landing the position. 

A lot goes into mastering the job interview, and it all begins with what you wear. This creates a first impression with your future employer, so you need to learn the ins and outs of dressing for success.  

Here’s how to dress for the job you want. 

Consider the Acceptable Norms 

When you intend to dress for success, start by making sure you’re aware of the norms. While there’s some wiggle room, both men and women are held to certain standards of professionalism in dress. 

Men are typically advised to wear a full suit with a matching jacket and pants. They should also wear a pressed shirt with a collar, along with a tie. 

Women are advised to wear a skirt or a pants suit, typically that is black or other neutral colors. This includes a pressed, collared shirt and nude-colored pantyhose. 

These are the norms that you’re starting with when going on job interviews. Each company may have its own dress code or norms, but it’s always best to start with these guidelines when in doubt. 

Decide on Your Color Scheme

When you’re trying to dress for success, it’s important that you also consider your color scheme. Figuring out your professional personality profile will help you forge your career path. Today, more than ever, people have to learn how to brand themselves. Finding out what colors work best for you will help with your overall presentation and will make sure that you stand out while still keeping it professional. 

You typically can’t go wrong with a combination of blue, black, gray, white, brown, and other neutral colors. Find out what color scheme suits you and start building a wardrobe that meets your needs. 

Shop Some Great Brands

Do your due diligence and shop for some brands that specialize in business clothes. This way, you’ll know not only that the clothes look amazing, but that they fit well, are made from quality materials, and constantly push the limits of fashion. 

You can find the best used designer clothing at some high-end thrift shops online and in person. This is a less expensive way to stock up on some of the top brands on the market. 


Find Out the Dress Code for the Business

It’s also up to you to do some research into the business to find out all you can about their dress code. Study the company’s culture and social media presence and dress in a way that fits right in. Companies have different standards when it comes to dressing professionally. A lot of this is rooted in the type of industry and the mission statement of the company that you’re interviewing with. 

By doing your intel upfront, you can use this information to help with your shopping trip, as you stock up on the best clothing for the interview. 

Consider Your Role

Your style of dress for the interview should also depend on the role you would be filling with the company. It’s best to dress more formally if you’re taking on any sort of position of authority. Consider whether it’s a managerial or executive position. These roles are often more visible and require you to have a more put-together presentation. 

If the job position is more casual, it’s more acceptable to dress business casual. Keep in mind that it’s better to dress a little bit more formal than necessary for the occasion than too casual. 

Keep it Neat and Clean

Aside from the clothing itself, you also need to make sure that your clothing is tidy and taken care of. Consider hitting the dry cleaner and getting the clothing pressed so that it is wrinkle-free. Make sure that your clothing doesn’t have any sort of stains or holes and that everything is in place. 

Your overall appearance will be tidy which lets you create the best impression at the interview. A wardrobe that doesn’t cost a lot will still turn heads when it is clean and neat. Make sure that you give yourself the mirror check in bright lighting with as many angles as you can so that you don’t overlook any imperfections. 

Focus on Footwear

The footwear will make a huge difference in the impression that you create. This is a big part of bringing a wardrobe together and is often the main thing that people notice. Invest in a high-quality pair of dress shoes that can go with any of your outfits. 

If you have a budget for your business interview wardrobe, it’s best to spend a little more on the shoes, because they can make an average outfit look amazing. Find some quality brands of dress shoes that fit your style sensibilities and make sure that they fit comfortably. 

It’s Important to Dress for the Job You Want

When you dress for the job you want, you’re more likely to get it. If you dress to impress, you will be more likely to feel comfortable in your own skin and be able to ace the interview. Do your due diligence and shop around for the perfect clothing pieces to make your business attire come to life. 

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