Your 2023 Gothic Jewelry and Fashion Guide

Are you planning to dress gothically in the upcoming year? If so, you must consider your new fashion and jewelry selections. Already a goth? You still need to decide on your next look.

Doing so takes much time, research, and analysis since many gothic jewelry items are available. You can get lost in all the choices.

If you need help streamlining this process, use this short guide to decide on your new jewelry and fashion style for the year.

What Is Gothic Jewelry?

These are an ever-growing trend for those who take pride in their alternative style. Drawing from the Victorian era, Gothic jewelry, and fashion incorporates details such as skulls, chainmail, crucifixes, and more. This is to create a unique fashion statement.

The black and silver color scheme most commonly seen in Gothic jewelry dates back to the 18th century. For those looking to add a Gothic flair to their wardrobe, layering chunky metal necklaces and bracelets is the perfect way to start.

Bold rings with symbols featuring skulls, wolves, and roses will also give you an awesome modern Gothic vibe. An ornate locket or Victorian-style cameo can add a hint of mystery to any ensemble.

In the 2023 fashion scene, we expect Gothic jewelry to be even more elevated in terms of complexity and flourish. It allows wearers to make a more statement.

Drama and Edge

Choose either gold or silver statement accessories such as chunky rings, large hoops, and vintage brooches. It is to create the look you’re aiming for. Pair those pieces with equally dramatic and edgy clothing items, such as:

  • fishnet stockings
  • bold graphic tees
  • leather jackets

If you want to make an even bigger statement, why not add color to the mix, and pair those items with the perfect shade of purple or electric blue? Whether you’re going for subtle and sleek or loud and proud.

Beauty in the Dark

Whether your style is more dramatic, romantic, or anxious, there are pieces to suit you. From delicate necklaces adorned with skulls and crossbones to trendy clothes with edgy statements. The beauty of the dark has never been more accessible.

Create a stunning look by pairing a long, billowing black dress with striking black heels, and add layers of glimmering Gothic jewelry. Show off your inner fierceness with spiked collars, patterned stockings, and dramatic earrings.

Embrace the beauty of the night and embody the looks that set your soul alight. Dare to be brave and feel beautiful in the dark.

Conjuring the Mystique

Embrace your darker side by investing in statement-making, opulent jewelry pieces, from menacing spiked collars to bejeweled earrings in the shape of voluminous bats. Make a splash in red velvet gowns for special occasions.

Amp up your look in Gothic-tinged lace dresses with a high-low hem. Adorn yourself in darker hues of navy and black.

Constructed from unique fabrics and featuring intricate details like little rosettes sprinkled across the bust or a bejeweled spider. Crawling up the sleeve, any piece from this fashion guide will make a statement.

Styles and Types Used 

2023 will be a year of dark, daring fashion and distinctive gothic jewelry. The look will have a unique combination of classic, anachronistic styles, conjuring up images of mystery and drama. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings will all have intricate, ornate designs, often featuring sharp points and edges.

Materials used will range from silver and gold to unique stones such as obsidian and onyx, with many pieces combining multiple elements for an even more striking impact. Long cloaks and capes, corsets, and lace-up boots will also be popular, allowing wearers to take the gothic look to the extreme.

Here are some of the styles and types used:


Those looking for an edgier alternative to polished and modern fashion will find what they want in our guide. A particular bonus trend this season is a unique type of jewelry inspired by motifs from Transylvanian folklore.

They are crafted with metals that are said to be imbued with magical properties. These pieces are perfect for adding an extra touch of mystery and unique style to any outfit.


To make a bold statement, select large crosses with intricate designs. For something a little more subtle, try an all-black cross, or choose from the array of delicate pendants made of sterling silver.

To add a bit of edge, wear several pieces in combination with one another. Match jewelry with black clothing featuring bold fabrics and lacing to complete the look. Now more than ever, Gothic fashion is taking the world by storm, with chic cross-shaped pieces leading the way.


It is a trend that is sure to dominate this year’s runway. This classic and edgy look is perfect for standing out, from necklaces to bracelets and everything in between. Blades are seen as a symbol of power, and the intricate details of the jewelry are sure to be eye-catching.

Whether your look is dark and romantic or mysterious and dangerous, dagger-adorned designs will ensure you leave an impression. Choose from various shapes, materials, and sizes to complement your style.


With its signature collection and unique vision, Skull faithfully follows the traditional gothic principles of dark, edgy, and mysterious fashion. This brand offers an array of menswear and womenswear, including intricate statement pieces and delicate necklaces.

Each piece is designed for the individual and inspired by gothic fashion’s beauty. See this chain wallet site if you are looking for gothic look things with a skull design.

Explore More About Gothic Jewelry Today

With help from this guide, you can now create the perfect gothic look that will have everyone turning heads. Start by exploring the excellent selection of Gothic jewelry and fashion pieces.

So, why wait? Level up your Gothic fashion today!

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