E-Cig vs Vape Pen: Is There a Difference?

Man vaping electronic cigarette and blowing smoke.

A lot of the same terms are thrown around to describe different products when it comes to vaping. It’s important to know the distinctions between different products so that you can make the right choice at the checkout counter, though. 

We’re going to explore some of the e-cig vs vape pen distinctions in this article, giving you a better idea of what each product is and why it might be the better option for you to buy. 

Let’s get started.

E-Cig vs Vape Pen Differences

To start, let’s explore just what a vaping device is in general. You probably have a pretty good idea already, but a quick refresher never hurts. 

Vapes take flavored nicotine liquid, often called E-juice, and heat it to the point of vaporization. Different substances can be placed in most of these devices and the temperature you set the device to impacts the nature of the vapor that comes out. 

For example, some CBD products will produce different cannabinoids at different temperatures. In those instances, you have to be sure to understand the product you’re using to make the most of it. You might have to tweak Different vapes offer unique perks, so choosing the right one will determine how you’re able to use it.

It’s important to note that using a vaporizer holds the potential to be addictive, and there are some companies out there that aren’t as regulated as they should be. Make sure you’re buying your vape products from reputable sources and managing the amount of nicotine you’re coming into contact with. 

We’ll discuss the options of altering your nicotine levels in this article, but not all vape products provide you with that option. The safest way to enjoy vaping is to do your research, and make sure the company you buy from is known for quality.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the e-cigarette. 

What Is An E-Cig?

An e-cig is one of the original vaporizing devices that swept the market. There were vaporizers previous to the advent of e-cigs, but none of them offered such a similar experience to smoking. 

Additionally, few were as compact or effective at delivering nicotine. The e-cigarette is roughly the size of a cigarette and provides a fixed amount of nicotine per unit. 

Some modern e-cigs have disposable cartridges and can be used multiple times, but the standard version is a one and done sort of product. In other words, once you use it up, you have to run out and buy another one. 

It’s wise to find options with reusable cartridges so that you can save money over time. That said, e-cigs tend to come with a small variety of different flavors like mint, tobacco, and menthol. There are other options, but you can bet on finding one of those three when you run to the store. 

A big benefit of the e-cig is how easy it is to use and manage. You don’t really have to do too much to get started. All you do is show your ID, make the purchase, open the box, and start vaping. 

The variety of e-juices really comes when you move into different vape pens. 

What Is A Vape Pen?

The vape pen is slightly larger than an e-cig, but it still fits well into any pocket or purse. It’s about the size of, well, a ballpoint pen. The benefit of using a vape pen, though, is that it’s so customizable. 

That customization can make it a little trickier to use at first, though. You can check out to get a better idea of how to use a pen. 

You can explore thousands of combinations with most vaporizers. The pen is comprised of a battery, a coil, cartridge, and mouthpiece. You can invest in different versions of each of those factors, all of which changing your experience with the vaporizer. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to handpick all of those pieces every time. Most vape pens come fully-formed and you can start using them right away. That said, you’ll find that you can explore different options as you get more used to vaping. 

The variety of nicotine flavors is probably the most exciting thing for people, though. There is almost no limit to the number of flavors and juices that are available today. Whatever your preferences, there’s something for you.

Nicotine Adjustments

Another customizable feature of the vape pen is that you can decide how much nicotine you want to ingest. E-cigs tend to be less customizable, and usually stick to the same nicotine content across the board. 

There are exceptions to that rule, but vape pens take the cake when it comes to options. You could either go for something with a high nicotine level that will match or exceed the amount you got while smoking cigarettes, or start low to avoid feeling ill. 

Maybe you’re trying to get off of smoking cigarettes. In that case, you could start with a high nicotine level and gradually ween down. You can even find options that have absolutely no nicotine at all. 

If you work yourself down from high levels to low, you’ll find that your cravings go away relatively soon and your just left with the enjoyable habit of vaping. 

What’s The Right Choice for You?

Making the choice can be tricky, especially if you’re looking to invest a fair amount of money in your new hobby. 

The best bet for new vape users might be to buy an e-cig, see how they like it, then continue with a starter vape pen. Try to seek out a vape pen option that provides you with the option to customize but is fully formed. 

That way, you can start vaping and get a feel for the device. When the time comes, you can incorporate different coils, tanks, juices, and more. 

Want to Get Started?

Understanding the E-cig vs vape pen differences is the first step to enjoying vaporizers to their fullest. There’s a lot more to know and learn, though, and we’re here to help. 

Explore our site for more vape ideas and options for you to get started with. 

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