Eat, Roll, or Inhale? The Ultimate Weed Guide for Beginners

What if you wanted to get high and didn’t know where to start?

Marijuana and getting high are often glorified in movies and TV shows. And thanks to increased state legalization, more and more people can experience marijuana for themselves.

However, the cannabis world is big and complex, and you may not know where to start. Keep reading to discover our ultimate weed guide for beginners!

Baby Steps

Weed beginners are usually fueled by fantasies of getting so high they forget their own name. Take it from us, though: you should really start small.

When you buy from a dispensary, they will typically sell things like edibles (more on this in a minute) with a standard dose of 10mg. Generally speaking, this is considered enough to get a normal adult nice and high.

However, that’s assuming the individual regularly uses weed. If this is your first time, we recommend getting about 5mg in you instead.

Ultimately, no two bodies are exactly the same. By starting small, you can figure out how your body and mind react to weed and change your dose up accordingly.

Time It Right

It’s true that weed is infinitely healthier than alcohol. However, it has something in common with alcohol: the timing is everything.

You would never deliberately drink and then drive or drink and then go to work. And you need to treat marijuana the same way!

Even in states where weed is legal, you can be arrested for driving under the influence. And you may be subjected to drug tests at your job, especially if you’re acting visibly high.

Just think of weed as your relaxation drug. Take it to enhance everything from a party at your place to an evening listening to your favorite album.

What If I Get Too High?

One of the reasons that we say weed is safer and healthier than alcohol is that you cannot overdose on it. However, it is possible for you to get a little too high, and you should know what to do when that happens.

If you’re feeling too high (like the drug is making you very stressed and paranoid), all you need to do is drink some water and go to bed. You’ll feel just fine in the morning and you can adjust your dose for the next time.

It really is that simple. Your bed is a safe harbor from paranoia and stress. And you can always watch some of your favorite TV programs to ride out the high.

More Than Smoke

When it comes to getting high, most people imagine smoking weed. But you should know there are many different ways to get high.

Those who smoke have several options. You can use traditional methods like joints, pipes, and bongs, and even vapes. But you can also use fancy new options like bubblers: this article has more info on that.

Marijuana edibles are also becoming increasingly popular. You can consume your THC in things like brownies and chocolate bars or in things like gummies and hard candies.

If you don’t like the calories of edibles, you can always use marijuana tinctures. And if you want to know your full range of marijuana options, just browse through your local dispensaries.

Indicas: A Guide

As we have said, there are many different ways to get high. But when it comes to the weed itself, there are really just two kinds: Indicas and Sativas.

If you are mostly looking to relax and get seriously mellow, then you’ll want to use Indicas. This is why many joke that what Indica really means is “in da couch” because that’s where you’ll want to be as you chill out.

In addition to helping you relax, Indicas can also help with pain relief due to higher amounts of CBD. And if you suffer from things like anxiety or insomnia, this might be a wonder drug to help you deal with those symptoms. 

Sativas: What You Should Know

If Indicas are your “mellow out by yourself” drug, then Sativas are definitely more of your “party drug.” This is because they have less CBD and more THC than Indicas do.

This brings you a number of fun effects. You’ll feel more energetic and talkative, which is one of the reasons people use it to get high before going to a party.

Interestingly, Sativas can also help foster creativity and even help those with depression. Whether you want to create something awesome or simply feel better, this may be the drug for you.

Hybrids: The Best of Both Worlds

Call it human nature. When you present someone with a choice of two things, it doesn’t take long for someone to ask “why not both?”

You don’t necessarily have to choose between Sativas and Indicas. This is because there are hybrids that combine different amounts of the two for an entirely different effect.

When done right, this creates one of the strongest possible highs. Which is why these strains are some of the most popular ones on the market!

Keep in mind that different strains have Indicas and Sativas in different measures. It will take a period of trial and error to figure out what works best for your body.

Trial and Error

Speaking of trial and error: once you start using marijuana, it never really stops.

Many newbies think that after a month or so, they will have everything figured out. And at that point, they’ll no longer be experimenting with different kinds of marijuana.

However, there are new hybrids and new methods of getting high every day. You can buy things like marijuana bath bombs, toothpicks…the sky is the limit!

In other words, welcome to a lifelong hobby. With all of these options, you’ll never get bored!

Weed Guide for Beginners: The Bottom Line

Now you’ve got an awesome weed guide for beginners. But do you know where to go from here?

At CuriosityHuman, we bring you the latest news about everything from movies to drugs. Before you make your next trip to the dispensary, check out our drug archives today!

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