Family Matters: What Matters Are Covered Under Family Law?

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Creating a family with someone you love is one of the most beautiful things you can do in life. It can also be super stressful, especially if there are complications involved. These complications are one of the many reasons that family law has become a well-developed and broad area of law.

Due to its breadth, there are many aspects of family law that you might not know about. If you wondering if an attorney who practices family law can help you with your issues, we can help you answer that question. Read on to learn which matters are covered under family law.

Prenuptial Agreements

No one enters into a marriage thinking that they’re going to get divorced. Still, it’s hard to ignore the fact that 40 to 50 percent of marriages in America end in divorce. Those divorces don’t always go smoothly, in fact, many people find themselves losing a lot of their wealth as a result of the divorce.

For these reasons and more, prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly more common. This is especially true for couples who enter into a marriage with a lot of individual wealth and assets.

In order to enter into a prenuptial agreement, both parties must have independent legal representation to ensure that the terms are fair. If your fiance has asked you to sign a prenup, then it’s important to reach out to a family law attorney to make sure that it’s not completely lopsided.

Adoptions are Covered Under Family Law

Adding a child to your family can be one of the biggest blessings. While many marriages will add children through birth, others find that they have room in their heart and home for an adopted child.

Adoptions, however, can be a complex thing, especially if the child you wish to adopt a child from outside of the country. Other issues that make adoption complicated include people who are in same-sex marriages and whose home state has laws that make adopting difficult. Family law attorneys can also help you adopt your spouse’s child from another relationship.

If you’re thinking of adopting a child, it’s a good idea to meet with an experienced attorney who can help you navigate the adoption process with as little stress as possible.

Wills and Estates

Creating a family is a wonderful thing, it’s only natural that you would have an interest in making sure they are provided for long after you and your spouse are gone. 

Everyone has heard the story of a family being ripped apart following the loss of a loved one because they didn’t have a will. A family law attorney can help you create a will that makes the distribution of your assets fair and ensures peace after you have passed on. They can also help you establish things like trust funds so your children are provided for financially when they reach a certain age.

Child Custody

Child custody is one of the most common reasons why someone might retain a family law attorney is because they are struggling with child custody agreements.

Dealing with how to share custody of a child is not something that is exclusive to people who have been married in the past. It also impacts people who have children outside of marriage. A family law attorney can help you and your former partner decide on an appropriate custody arrangement that is fair to all parties.


Before you ever deal with child custody agreements, you need to settle the issue of paternity. Many fathers refuse to acknowledge that a child is theirs. The problem with this, apart from the emotional upset, is that you cannot enforce things like child support if a man refuses to claim fathership.

When that happens, you will need to take steps to prove that the person you say is the father of your child is actually the father.

If you’re dealing with someone who refuses to acknowledge the paternity of your children, then you need an attorney on your side who can help you enforce your rights and your child’s rights.

Protection Orders

Not all relationships and marriages end amicably. In fact, some become outright dangerous for one or both of the parties.

Sadly, domestic abuse is not an uncommon occurrence in the United States, and it can happen on both sides of the relationship. While being in an abusive relationship is dangerous, trying to leave the relationship is one of the most potentially deadly times for the abused.

If you are in an abusive relationship, it is likely necessary that you seek out an order of protection to keep you safe. Hiring an attorney like one from can help you leave the relationship safely and they can advise you on the next steps to take to stay safe.

Dissolution of Marriage

When most people think of hiring a family law attorney, they probably anticipate hiring one to assist them in their divorce. In fact, divorce is probably the bread and butter of most family law practices, but that’s for good reason.

Dissolution of marriage can be fairly straightforward or it can have a lot of moving parts that make it very difficult. Some people try to represent themselves in divorce, but it is always in your best interest to hire an attorney to represent your interests. This is especially true if your former spouse has retained counsel.

Are You In Need of a Family Law Attorney?

There are a number of issues covered under family law, including issues that pertain to the beginning of marriage all the way to the dissolution of a marriage. Visiting with an attorney who practices family law can help you make sure that your marriage is as smooth as possible, and they can even assist you with adoptions or surrogate births. If you ever have any questions about family issues, then a family law attorney is ready to help you!

Do you have more important questions about the many different areas of law? You’re in the right place! Check out the rest of our blog to find the answers to all of your queries!


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