Happy Dancing: Science Proves Why Dancing Makes Us Feel Good

African woman dancing over red background. Cheerful fashion model dancing in studio.

Do you ever catch yourself happy dancing? If you aren’t feeling your usual self, try dancing to feel better. Research has been able to confirm that it isn’t all in your head and that dancing can actually uplift your mood.

Here’s a scientific reason why dancing makes you feel good.

Everyone Can Dance

The great thing about dancing is that everyone can do it no matter your age! You can dance sitting or standing, but the main thing is that you enjoy yourself, get moving, and have fun. 

Dancing a little each day can be beneficial to your overall health. It takes as little as 5 minutes for the activity to start relaxing you and putting you in a good mood.

Dance classes can help you feel happier and connect while performing in an enjoyable activity with others. You get to let your body to move and be free instead of sitting at a desk which is very common in our modern day society. 

People often feel as if dancing is cathartic because it allows for a situation where you can release any built-up tension, stress, and other emotions. 

Dancing Can Work as Psychosomatic Medicine

If your health or other factors in your life are making your days difficult, dancing might be able to help remedy that. Dancing can work as psychosomatic medicine.

This means that factors in your life like your behavior, social relationships, and your mental state can positively affect your body’s overall health. Dancing can be a good practice to get into in order to increase your happiness and your health all at the same time. 

Happy Dancing Creates Health Benefits

One study shows that recreational dancing lowers stress and tension while also giving you more energy and more creative thinking habits. 

Feeling more relaxed helps send more positive endorphins through your body. 

When dancing, your body goes works on improving your muscle tone, building strength in your muscles, and motor fitness. Because you’re doing an aerobic exercise, also expect for your heart and lungs to also be working out. 

Other health benefits can include:

  • Better balance
  • Mental relief
  • Weight management and loss
  • Social awareness and skills
  • Muscle flexibility
  • Better coordination

Dancing can help improve how your whole body functions including your mind. Having mental relief and a decrease in stress can make you feel happier. 

You can also see an increase in your social skills. This is because people often dance in large groups to get in contact with other similar people and to have a shared positive experience. 

More Than Just a Fun Pastime 

It turns out that happy dancing is more than just a fun pastime. Dancing regularly for fun has many significant health benefits, especially if you participate in group dancing with others in your community.  

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