How Did You Think of That? 5 Catered Food Ideas That Will Delight Your Guests

Our brains love to create memories about food

Positive food memories make people feel better whenever they eat a certain dish. Remember how comforting it is to bite into an apple pie that tastes like your grandmother’s? 

Bring in delicious food and the guests at your event will remember it fondly. All it takes is a few outside-the-box catered food ideas. 

Unsure what food trends are hot right now? Here’s a list of catered food ideas to kick your creativity into gear.

1. Interactive Food

No two people have the same taste buds. Give your guests the freedom to put together their food. That way, everyone gets to eat whatever they want.

It also gives guests a fun sense of playing with their food a little.

The perfect example of interactive food is a taco bar. Taco fillings range from beef to vegetarian choices such as cauliflower.

Add in a few unique toppings like avocado salsa, cheese, and crema so guests can customize their meal in style.

2. Healthy Food Options

Americans are becoming much more health-conscious. Current food trends include whole grains, sweet potato, and vitamin-rich greens.

Get the best of both worlds by including healthy food choices like ancient grains or quinoa bowls for your event. These grains provide more fiber, protein, and vitamins than modern grains.

The beauty of including ancient grains bowls is they can be modified for everyone’s pallet. Those who want a little meat can add chicken or seafood for extra protein. 

3. Vegan and Vegetarian Choices

Everyone loves a good burger. Even vegans. 

When planning a menu for anyone with dietary restrictions, don’t be afraid to get creative.

Regular veggie burgers are okay. But something like sweet potato and black bean or beet burgers are memorable.

Make sure to pair the burgers with equally unique side dishes. Regular French fries won’t have the same impact.

4. Seasonal Specialties

Supporting local restaurants and farms means more fresh produce for everyone to enjoy.

Ask your caterer what dishes they have that utilize fresh, in-season produce. 

If your region is famous for a certain fruit or vegetable, include it on the menu in a starring role. The delicious flavor will make everyone remember good things about your city.

5. Don’t Forget Dessert

Around 40% of Americans eat dessert twice a week. Indulge your guests’ sweet tooth by offering at least two dessert options.

A lightweight, fruit-based dessert will be a hit for guests who are eating healthy. 

You can’t go wrong with including a chocolate option. Ask your caterer if they offer a fun twist on the classic chocolate cake. It’ll win everyone over.

Get Creative With Your Catered Food Ideas

Make your event stand out from the crowd by investing in unique catered food ideas. 

Use fresh, local ingredients to wow your event guests. Healthy, farm-fresh foods not only make people feel better, but boost the local economy as well.

Don’t forget to provide dining options for those on restricted diets. Many vegan dishes make a great base for adding a guest’s protein of choice.

Look for a local caterer who is willing to customize orders for your guests. Those guests will remember the care that went into your event for years.

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