The Different Types of Wine Explained: A Simple Guide

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Everyone has been there. You’re at a party when someone asks what kind of wine you like. Maybe you know if you prefer red or white, but there are so many different wine types, it can be difficult to know where to start.

If you don’t want to be caught off guard at a party or social event, keep reading to find out all about the basic types of wine so you can decide which one is right for you.

White Wine

White wines are made from green grapes that have their skins removed before fermentation. They are translucent or yellow in color and can range from dry to sweet in flavor.

There are many types of white wine, but one of the most popular in the United States is the pinot grigio, also called pinot gris depending on the country of origin. This type of wine is usually very dry and acidic.

Another common type is sauvignon blanc. These wines can vary in flavor but are generally more full-bodied than pinot grigio and have a fruity aroma and flavor.

Reisling is another type of white wine. These are lighter-bodied with flavors and aromas of citrus.

Of all the white wine options, chardonnay is easily the most popular in the world. These wines can vary greatly in flavor depending on where they originate, but they tend to have low acidity and easy drinkability.

Red Wine

Red wines are made from red grapes and have a red or purple color. In addition, the skins of the grape remain throughout the fermentation process, giving red wines strong tannin flavors. This makes red wines dryer and more bitter in general.

There are many types of red wine that come from different strains of grapes or blends of those grapes. One of the most common types is cabernet sauvignon. This wine a bold and full-bodied with a strong tannin flavor.

Zinfandel is a more medium-bodied wine with fruity and spicy flavors. It is called primitivo in Italy and is known for its higher alcohol content.

Another common red wine is pinot noir. They are dry and lighter-bodied with high acidity and low tannin flavor.

Other Types of Wine

Besides red and white, there are several different types of wine to choose from. Rosé wine comes from red grapes, but winemakers remove the skins after a short time.

This means rosé wines share characteristics of both red and white wines. They are typically pink in color and lack the tannins present in red wines.

Sparkling wines are typically white wines, but they can be red or rosé. What differentiates them is that they go through a second fermentation in the bottle. In addition to producing more alcohol, this also releases carbon dioxide.

Since the carbon dioxide is trapped within the bottle, it becomes dissolved in the wine itself, making sparkling wines bubbly. You may recognize these types as Champagne or prosecco.

Another type of wine is a dessert wine or fortified wine. These are wines blended with brandy to give them a very sweet, rich flavor. They are typically consumed after dinner as a treat.

Whichever type of wine sounds the best to you, you will have to try some before you can decide for sure. A great way to do this is by taking a winery tour. For winery tours in Perth, click here for more information.

Next Steps

Now that you know all about the basic types of wine, you’ll be ready to make the right choice for you at any party or occasion. If you enjoyed this article, please share or check out some of our other great content from movies and tv to music and people!

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