How Do You Use Tommy Chong CBD Oil?

If you know anything about the world of cannabis, then you’ve heard of Tommy Chong. He’s a famed guitarist, one half of the duo Cheech and Chong, and a big advocate of marijuana use. 

Now, he’s rolled out a line of CBD products in the medical California market.

CBD use is great for pain relief, could reduce anxiety and depression, and have several other potential benefits.

But how do you use Tommy Chong CBD oil in your daily life?


The simplest and most popular form of CBD consumption comes in the form of a tincture.

Equipped with a dropper, this hemp oil comes straight in a bottle and is meant to be ingested orally. Depending on the concentration, you either place a few drops on your tongue or squeeze the entire dropper’s quantity into your mouth and swallow.

For a quicker effect, you can hold the liquid under your tongue for a few seconds before swallowing. 

Compared to the other CBD products, you’ll have a quicker payoff over a shorter period of time.


Topicals, such as CBD creams or balms, provide immediate pain relief wherever you apply them. They’re great for treating muscle pains, irritated areas, or general body aches. 

Tinctures will treat overall body pain and anxiety, but topicals are what you want when dealing with targeted areas. Plus, CBD lotion can be moisturizing and good for your skin.


Tommy Chong CBD oils are available in a line of capsules for anyone who doesn’t want to taste the tincture but needs more coverage than a topical can provide. They’re quick to swallow, easy to digest and absorb, and can be taken and used on the go. 


Gummies are the fun option to use CBD oils. They come multi-colored, come in normal and sour, and are just as effective as soft gels. 

Use them whenever you need a quick pick-me-up. 

Energy Shots

For a burst of energy, Tommy Chong’s CBD oil is available in the form of energy shots. Each contains a blend of vitamins B6 and taurine, as well as caffeine and nano hemp extracts.

Made for the active consumer, they’ll give you a boost and help prevent muscle fatigue. 

Reviews of Tommy Chong CBD Oil 

Tommy Chong CBD reviews appear to be predominately positive, due to the star factor as well as their nano-emulsion technology. That tech takes fat-soluble cannabis oil and makes it water-soluble, which makes it kick in faster and easier to absorb. 

All of their CBD products were made by a world-class production team with some of the finest ingredients on the market, and their facilities are FDA certified.

Get Some Good Vibes Going

Tommy Chong is 81 years old, very active, and chalks up part of his good health to smoking marijuana constantly. If it works for him, why wouldn’t it work for you?

Tommy Chong CBD oil is there for the average consumer who wants to reap the benefits without the associated high. 

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