How to Choose the Best Scrubs For Your Medical Staff

best scrubs

Scrubs are the staple for any medical professionals wardrobe. Some would even argue that they spend more time in scrubs than they do in regular clothing. And that’s why it’s so important to find the best scrubs possible.

But with so many different choices on the market today, how do you know which ones are worth it? Are there certain features that are better than others?

Turns out, there truly are some key features you need to be shopping for when deciding which scrubs are right for you. Let’s discuss the main components of finding the best, most comfortable scrubs for you.


Scrubs are something that medical professionals spend a majority of their time in. From 8 to 12 hour shifts, hitting overtime, and 24 hour on-call, you want to make sure scrubs are comfortable, can stand up to constant activity, and are going to last a long time.

And for that reason, consider paying a bit more for higher quality scrub brands versus a cheaper alternative. Sure, it’s tempting to buy several sets of scrubs instead of paying the same amount for one or two pair, but you should think long-term.

Ask yourself these questions: Will the cheaper scrubs last a long time? Are you financially prepared to come back and buy more when the cheaper scrubs wear out? Do the higher quality scrubs have more of the features you’re after?

Something to look for is quality stitching. There should be double stitching in areas that are exposed to more stress. You also want to look for quality of fabric construction and fit.

Spending more money upfront will save you money in the long run. And better scrubs with long-term savings is a win-win. You can view here for some great examples.


Fabric is just as important as quality construction when it comes to choosing the best scrubs.

Many scrubs are made of 100% cotton. And while these may be very comfortable to wear, they’re not always the most durable choice.

Scrubs that are made of a cotton and synthetic fabric blend tend to have the best of both worlds. Cotton and polyester are the most popular choice. It has the comfort of cotton, yet the polyester gives it more stretch, easier ability to wash and resist wrinkles, and gives better duality than 100% cotton scrubs.

Many synthetic fabrics also have a dri-release property that whisks moisture away from the individual. This means added comfort and less wear on the fabric itself.


Pockets seem like an easy thing to overlook… that is until you need some but don’t have any to use. They can make a multi-tasking medical professionals job so much easier.

First, you should consider what all you need to carry on a regular basis. This will give you an idea of exactly how many pockets you may need.

Next, consider where the pocket placement would benefit you most. Do you prefer to have everything readily available around the waist area? Or would a chest pocket be better? Or maybe pockets in a cargo style pants would work better for you.

You may also think about pockets with compartments. Maybe you’re the type who likes to have a certain place for everything, so having pockets designated for specifics items would help you be more efficient.

But no matter what kind of pocket you decide on, make sure you never overload them. That could put undue stress on your neck and shoulders, making for a very uncomfortable day.


When choosing the best scrubs for you, selecting a pair that fits properly will make a world of difference in your comfort level as your shift wears on.

Scrubs are usually known to be baggy, but baggy doesn’t always mean best. Pulling your pants up, stepping on your pant legs with your shoes, or constantly adjusting a bunchy top will start to wear on your nerves after a while and will make you uncomfortable.

But you also want to make sure you don’t wear a pair of scrubs that are too tight. This will limit your range of motion and ability to comfortably move around all day.

Instead, you want the Goldilocks of scrub fit – not too baggy or too tight, but a just-right fit. This will give you the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and looking professional.

Waist Style

There are several waist styles to choose from: button, zipper, fold-over, elastic, and drawstring. The latter seems to be the most comfortable, adjustable, and forgiving, with elastic coming in a close second.

Sleeve Construction

Look for sleeves that run completely from the collar, without stopping with a seam at the shoulder. These provide more comfort and less irritation than sleeves that have a seam that runs around the armpit.


V-necks that are not too deep tend to be the most popular and comfortable style. Mock wraps are also a great choice.


Most medical offices and hospitals have a dress code when it comes to the color of scrubs. This makes identifying certain medical professionals easier. For instance, all RN’s wear light blue scrubs, respiratory staff wear red scrubs, and all surgery staff wears what most call “surgical green”.

So before buying scrubs, check with your employer to find out what color you need to buy for your department.

But if you work in a place that doesn’t have a color dress code, there are some things you need to consider when choosing a scrub color.

First, darker colors tend to hide stains better. However, very dark colors may make identifying contaminates more difficult which could be a problem with infection control. Consider your risk of exposure and choose a color accordingly.

But if you work with children, bright colors or scrubs with cartoon characters may be your best bet. These tend to put children more at ease in what is likely a scary and stressful situation.

Choosing the Best Scrubs Will Make A World of Difference

When you find the best scrubs and don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable throughout your shift, you will be able to concentrate on your patients and the tasks at hand. And isn’t that what is most important, after all?

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