World’s Top 10 Shoe Brands of 2018 – Top Rated Shoe Brands

Our closets are incomplete without two things majorly, some nice dresses and some pairs of shoes. Now is the time for you to know about the top 10 best shoe brands in the world of 2018 that are generating high sales being the favorites of millions of people.

Some of them are for casual wear while some are meant for athletic purposes. Their distinctive features may be anything related to their price, colors and above all, their unique designs are their weapons in fighting against the rivals in the market. Their advertising strategies are idealized by small and middle-level companies and now they’re trying to reach their level.

With the introduction of new entrants in the industry, the marketplace is becoming saturated, but these leading organizations are continuously striving to retain their position and in fact beating each other to gain more customers. Including Adidas, Converse, and Reebok, check out and know about your favorite brand right now.

Here are world’s top 10 shoe brands, that are considered to be the best shoe brands in 2018:

1. Adidas

Adidas Best Selling Shoe Brands in the world 2017
Adidas is ruling all the footwear brands at current times. Not just within Europe, but across the world, their products are massively bought by people. The founder, Adolf Dassler took this initiative when he observed himself creating his own shoes. This company was founded in 1924 originally, but after its division, it was named as ‘Adidas’. Their shoes are highly comfortable and are available in a huge variety. Certain collections are there for the kids as well consisting of costumes and footwear.                                                                              

2. Nike 

Nike Best Selling Shoe Brands in the world
Good news! Nike has introduced their new plus-size workout clothing this March. Over 300 products are now available in 3x sizes in this new collection. By looking at the swoosh logo, our mind very quickly recalls the name of this highly famous brand. They have restricted themselves to the athletic wear, footwear, and other sporty stuff. With high revenues, this brand serves its products worldwide. Starting its journey from 1964, Nike has a long list of achievements, including awards, sponsorships and strong customer loyalty.                             

3. Air Jordan

Air Jordan Best Selling Shoe Brands in the world
32 years ago, this brand was initiated with the creation of shoes for the well-known athlete Michael Jordan. This brand is originally formed by Nike Inc. Like other brands, this company funds many sports clubs and leagues including NFL, WNBA, MLB, and NASCAR. Also, sponsorships are there for certain NBA players like Chris Paul, Kawhi Leonard, Carmelo Anthony and others. There is no plant possessed by Nike for the production of these shoes instead it’s a contract-based work.                                                                                             

4. Converse

Converse Best Selling Shoe Brands in the world
Since 1908, this company has been producing high-quality footwear in the form of skating shoes as well. This phenomenal American enterprise used to be owned by Nike but in 2003 it became a separate entity, but it didn’t lose its worth instead it grew at a fast pace. Being an adaptable organization, they made military forces their customers during the Second World War. Their products are well known for some distinctive facts, including flat curvy top, the brand’s star insignia, wraparound band, and the All Star’s elastic sole. Over 160 states are enjoying their goods.         

5. Puma  

Puma SE Best Selling Shoe Brands in the world
Among the greatest achievements of Germany, Puma SE is a prominent brand. Although they majorly produce shoes, but apart from it, they also manufacture athletics goods. Currently, more than 10,000 workers are serving the company and the provision is within 120 states. In 2014, Rihanna was announced as the creative director and brand ambassador of the company joining Mario Balotelli and Usain Bolt. Last year, it developed an official partnership with Red Bull Racing. Also one of the famous singers, The Weeknd joined them as their new brand representative.           

6. Reebok

Reebok Best Selling Shoe Brands in the world

When we think of the best sports shoes, Reebok is the brand that clicks our mind along with other famous products. They just not only produce athletic footwear but also sports outfits. Spartan race, UFC, Les Mills and CrossFit are sponsored by this brand. It was developed in 1958 and the head office is located in the US while other offices are situated in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Montreal, and Mexico. Their endorsements exist in America, Australia and India and they also fund many sports teams. They also sponsored IPL and other national teams of Argentina, Columbia, and others.  

7. Berluti

Berluti Best Selling Shoe Brands in the world
Owned by LMVH, this brand is familiar for its addition of animal leather and skin with the production of boots and shoes. On the other side, they also produce wallets, belts and other leather goods like bags. This Italian organization was established in 1895 and was bought by LMVH 24 years back. The special fact about this company is that they retail via only 46 outlets throughout the globe. Their boutiques are located in different countries of North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. No worries if they’re expensive, but they’re the most reliable and comfortable for men especially.   

8. DC Shoes

DC Shoes Best Selling Shoe Brands in the world
This American business produces and retails bags, hats, posters, apparel, accessories and shirts, but they’re dedicated to producing footwear for snowboarding, skateboarding and other sports like these. Their teams include Skateboarding team, Moto team, Surf team, Snow team, and Auto team. Similar to Adidas and Nike, they also support regional teams financially by sponsoring them. All these factors increase their reputation and enhance their brand image. In 2004, the company was attained by Quicksilver against 87 million dollars. In 2011, their logo was modified and more teams were created by this change.                            

9. Testoni

Testoni Best Selling Shoe Brands in the world
This footwear company was founded in 1929 with the efforts of Amedeo Testoni and his family. Their leather shoes are extremely beautiful and also comfortable to wear. They also produce clothing for both men and women. They also make belts with purses, shoes, handbags, wallets, briefcases and other leather products. They received ‘Time-honored Panda’ and ‘Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Special Award” in 2014. Their outlets are open in Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, Seoul and Taiwan. Also available online on various famous shopping sites, Testoni is being widely consumed by the customers.    

10. Vans        

Vans Best Selling Shoe Brands in the world
Founded in 1966, this most popular shoe brand not only produces shoes but also hoodies, hats, T-shirts, socks, and backpacks. They’ve also sponsored many sports events and athletic goods. For 20 years, Warped Tour has been funded by them and returned in 2017 with more excitements and surprises. They’ve opened certain skate parks as a means of promotion of the brand. The first one was established in 2014 which is open daily. Also, they’ve opened a park known as a House of Vans in London. In 2013, their team made a film featuring the experiences of athletes sharing their experiences with the brand.

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