How to Create a Facebook Ad Image That Grabs Attention

Are you trying to get the word out there about the products that your company sells? There are ways to increase the revenue that your site gets and increase customers’ desire to purchase your products.

One way to effectively do this is to create a Facebook ad image. However, this may be more challenging than it sounds because not everybody knows how to produce a Facebook ad successfully.

Continue reading this ad to find out the ways that you can run a successful ad campaign.

Use Free Ad Generators

Because most of the world operates solely via the interwebs, this means tons of generators are at your fingertips to choose from. When you use the free Facebook ads maker it alleviates most of the work that you’ve got to do on your end.

You’ll input some crucial information, and then from there, the generator will come up with the ad for you without you having to do any of the work.

Consider the Shape of the Ad

Before you publish an ad on Facebook, we recommend that you consider both the size and the shape of the ad you want to publish. This is because Facebook has a specific size and shape requirements for the ads posted to its website.

If you don’t choose the correct ad size, your ad may not be posted, and if it’s posted, it may be distorted.

Use Lots of Color

People scroll through social media platforms like Facebook faster than you can blink. Therefore, the best way to draw attention to your advertisement is by using lots of bright and attractive colors.

If the colors are muted, the customers may continue scrolling; however, if the ad uses bright colors, the customer may pause long enough to find out what your ad is about by clicking on it.

Properly Place Your Logo in the Ad

The point of publishing an ad on Facebook is to spread the word about your business and all of the services that it has to offer to potential customers. Therefore, it’s a smart decision to place your logo somewhere within the ad.

The purpose of doing this is so that in the future, other ads and products that you may post to Facebook will be easily identified by the logo that your company uses.

Use People in the Ad that Look Excited

Using people in the ad that look excited will, in turn, help to excite the potential customer about utilizing the product displayed in the ad. They will think “If they have this much fun using the product, then I certainly will experience joy from using the product.”

Create a Facebook Ad Image

When you post an ad using the create a Facebook ad image function, there are no limitations to the attention that the ad can draw. Using the techniques above can ensure the desired traffic to your company website.

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