How to Determine the Market Value of Your RV

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Around 10 million households own RVs, and around 17 million households want to own RVs.

If you’re trying to sell your RV, you’re likely asking, “How much is my RV worth?” You want to get the most money out of your RV when you go to sell, and we will guide you through the process to help you get the most money possible.

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Why Is It Important to Know the Value of Your RV?

Knowing the value of an RV is important whether you’re buying, selling, or getting insurance on it.

Most people get insurance on their RV and value it at whatever they bought it. That doesn’t always work since some people might inherit an RV or buy it from a private seller for less than what it’s worth.

When you’re asking, “How do I know how much my RV is worth?”, below are some of the things that can help you hone in on the right number to sell your RV.

NADA Value

NADA stands for National Automobile Dealers Association and is a good guideline when you are trying to figure out how much your RV is worth.

When you go to the NADA site to fill out the information about your RV, you need to have as much information on your RV as possible. Knowing the make, model, features, mileage, and age of the vehicle will allow you to get the most accurate numbers possible.

Comparable Sales & Pricing

With access to thousands of other people selling their RVs around the country, it’s easy to find an RV similar to the one you own. You can easily see if you’re way off on what you think it’s worth or if you’re hitting it pretty close.

You may be thinking about pawning an RV and want to get the most money out of it as possible. Being able to see exactly how much other RVs like yours are going for might help you sway the pawnshop owner to give you more money for your vehicle.

If you can find RVs that have already sold for a high price, that’s the best, but even showing RVs that are listed for a certain price can be helpful.

Professional Appraisal

If you don’t want to go off the NADA value and don’t want to look at other RVs that are selling, you can always opt for a professional appraisal. Professional appraisals are often available at reputable dealers and shops that do RV maintenance.

You’ll have to pay them to look over your RV and give you an idea of how much it is worth, but it could help you sell your RV for more than you might know it’s worth.

Factors That Affect Your RV’s Value

There are a lot of factors that play into the value of your RV. The more favorable factors you have, the better things will go.

Your RV’s age, mileage, engine condition, undercarriage condition, tire condition, interior floor plan, exterior paint finish, upgrades, and size all make a big difference in how much someone is willing to pay for your RV.

Selling Your RV to a Dealership

If you want to get your RV off your hands, you might be able to sell it to a dealership. Keep in mind that, if you try to sell your RV to a dealership, they want to make a profit off of it and often will give you the least amount possible for your RV.

Some dealerships offer to buy your RV outright, and others offer to sell your RV on consignment for a percentage of the sale price. The outright price is usually below what wholesale price is for the RV, so that often isn’t a good option unless you’re in a bind.

Selling Your RV to a Private Party

When you sell your RV to a private party, the deal is pretty straight forward. You get the cash, and they get your RV.

Keep in mind that it can take a while to find the right buyer, and it can be annoying to go through the whole process. If you want to sell to a private buyer, you might consider teaming up with someone in your area that can market your RV and deal with potential buyers.

Preparing Your RV for the Sale

You might want to get your RV off your hands as soon as possible, but you need to keep in mind that a clean and well-maintained RV is going to pull the best price.

If you don’t want to do the cleaning on your own, you can hire someone to clean it for you. You can get them to look over other parts of the RV that might require attention as well.

If you have any accessories you want to give along with the sale, make sure to list those. Also, keep in mind that people like extended warranties, and you might want to include those in the sale instead of canceling them if they are transferrable.

How Much Is My RV Worth? Now You Know

Now you know how to get the answer to, “How much is my RV worth?” It can be confusing when you go to sell, but with the information you’ve learned in this article, you can get your asking price close to what it’s worth.

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