What is Over the Top TV and How Can It Save Me Money?

Do you love your TV shows but hate paying for cable each month? Do you often find yourself wishing that you didn’t have to pay for a bundle 

With Over the Top TV (OTT) services, it’s possible! 

You’ve probably heard of OTT services before. And you definitely know many people now watch shows on the internet.

But what exactly is Over the Top TV? And does it really save you money?

What is Over the Top TV?

OTT is any service that provides television via an internet connection rather than through a bundle.

Most of the time, cable companies combine their television offerings into a package that consumers can purchase. They often do this by combining their most popular programs with the less popular ones.

While this works great for sales, it ultimately limits the consumer to just a handful of options. More and more, dissatisfied customers are choosing to “cut the cord” and turning to OTT services.

Because they are working with an internet connection rather than a pre-established bundle, OTTs work to acquire shows on a more frequent basis.

They have also branched out into making their own original series, giving consumers a range of options.

Growing Popularity

OTT companies are booming. Worldwide, 785 million people are subscribed to an OTT service. 

In fact, Netflix alone has more than 98.3 million subscribers around the globe.

Will OTT Services Really Save Me Money?

They can! Although the amount they will save you varies by how many services you buy into and how many cable bundles you used to have.

Here’s how the money saving works:

OTT services now provide consumers with a wide variety of shows, often from different platforms. As mentioned above, they’re also constantly acquiring new ones.

In the past, if you wanted to watch shows on different networks, you’d sometimes have to buy more than one bundle. This quickly got expensive. 

Now, when you purchase an OTT service, you can expect many of your favorite shows to be in the same place. No extra charges required. 

Some services are also super cheap. In fact, only $5.99 a month will give you access to thousands of shows on Hulu.

Free Trials

In addition, many OTT companies offer free trials. This means that if you subscribed to one service but then saw a show on another service that looked good, you can just sign up for the free trial to watch it

The trials are usually anywhere from several days to a month long. This gives you ample time to watch what you want and then decide whether or not to keep the service. 

Read on here to learn more about OTT services!

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