How to Get a Degree Without Attending College

College is expensive. Getting a degree shouldn’t make you go broke, right? After all, the purpose of a college education is to help you find a career.

And yet for many young people, the price of stuffing their brains full of knowledge now seems out of reach. In fact, as the price of tuition continues to rise year after year, many young people are having to consider other options for getting an education.

If you’re wondering how to get a degree without draining your bank account, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we take a look at some alternatives to college degrees so that you can find a great career without massive loan debt.

Keep reading to discover the answers.

Serve in the Military

Believe it or not, for decades the military has made it possible to earn money toward college tuition while serving your country. Many people are familiar with the G.I. bill, but it’s not the only option.

You can also take advantage of ROTC programs, which allow you to attend college, and then serve in a branch of the armed forces immediately following graduation.

An Apprenticeship

Have you ever considered an apprenticeship? This type of program typically takes 1-6 years and you’ll be required to invest about 2,000 hours of field work each of those years. 

With an apprenticeship, your employer will cover the cost of your technical training while you work. There are plenty of companies that offer this type of program, and it’s a great way to earn your degree and make a living simultaneously.

Have Your Employer Pay for Your Education

There are other ways to earn advanced degrees while employed as well. Many employers offer to cover the cost of tuition for employees who express a desire to remain with the company long-term.

Some companies offer tuition reimbursement. This requires you to seek a degree within the field that you’re employed. So if you work for a bank, you’ll need to study banking or finance. Or if you work for an engineering firm, you would obviously need to pursue an engineering degree.

If you’re interested in pursuing a degree, you should consider a program like NU MAH.

Grants and Scholarships

Financial aid is the most traditional way of covering the costs of higher education when you can’t afford to pay by any other means. There are plenty of grants and scholarships available, typically given based to students based on financial hardship or scholarly achievement.

Tuition-Free Colleges

Another option is to attend a college that doesn’t charge tuition. Work colleges provide a way for students to attend classes in exchange for working on campus. This can be a great option for students with financial hardship who would like to earn a degree without going deeply into debt.

How to Get a Degree Without Paying for College

There’s no denying that paying for college can be a huge financial burden for many students. That why it’s so important to learn how to get a degree with having to pay for higher education. This tips listed in the article will help you get started. 

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