Turn Up the Heat! 8 Boudoir Photo Shoot Tips to Bring Out Your Sexy!

Boudoir photo shoots are no longer just for the newly married bride. These photo shoots are being done by many and any woman or man who wants to give it a try! The photos work great as inexpensive gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, and much more.

Do you think your partner would love opening a beautifully framed boudoir photo of you? If you’re ready to test the waters yourself, you may be feeling slightly nervous. This is natural, especially if it’s your first time. 

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of 8 boudoir photo shoot tips you can’t miss. Even those who have done it before might get a little nervous before a shoot! So, whether it’s your first time or second or third, keep these tips in mind for the best boudoir experience. 

1. Pick Out Your’s and Your Partner’s Favorite Lingerie

When deciding on what lingerie to wear, it’s not always necessary to head out to the shopping mall. Sometimes the best and sexiest lingerie are the ones you already own. Think about which ones are yours or your partner’s favorites and pack those with you.

Knowing which kind of lingerie is your favorite is also a good way to know what to pick out if deciding to go shopping for more. You know what your significant other likes, so find some other pieces in that same style. But always keep what you like in mind too.

2. Find a Photographer You Trust

Before scheduling your photo shoot, find a photographer that you trust. This can’t be stressed enough. It might not seem like an important aspect of how to bring out your sexy, but trust us, it is. You’ll want to feel comfortable in front of the camera like the models here

Think about this: if you’re meeting up with a photographer that you don’t feel comfortable with, then how easy will it be for you to relax and find your inner sexy? It’ll be quite difficult! Do your research and find someone who has worked with someone you know or has plenty of good reviews. 

The gender of the photographer might play a factor as well. A good way to know if you’re comfortable with someone is to meet with them ahead of time. There’s a good chance that the photographer does different types of photography other than boudoir. 

Ask them about shooting some photos of you in the park or by the water fully dressed and begin to build a relationship from there. 

3. Have Your Hair and Makeup Professionally Done

Unless you’re a professional hair and makeup stylist yourself, it’s best to have yours done professionally. You definitely have some cute ideas, and you’ve probably done some amazing work on yourself in the past. But having these two things done professionally won’t be something you regret.

Take a seat, relax, and let the professionals do their magic. Let them know what the occasion is and broadcast your ideas to them. Together you’ll create the image you’re looking for, and you won’t stress yourself out trying to do it alone.

4. Drink Lots of Water Weeks Before

Weeks before your photo shoot, drink lots of water. Keeping yourself hydrated before the big day will ensure that you and your skin are looking and feeling as healthy as possible. Being hydrated gives your skin the glow that you desire. 

And your body’s overall great health will shine through. 

5. Consider a Tan

You might want to consider getting a tan before the photo shoot. It is advised that you do so a week or so in advance. You won’t want to show up to your appointment sunburned because you forgot to add that extra layer of sunscreen. 

Tan yourself through the week before by resting in the sun 30 minutes or so each day. Don’t have a fake tan sprayed on or applied with oil. It’ll show in your pictures, and you won’t have a natural look.

6. Come With a Full Stomach

Do arrive at your appointment with a full stomach. If you’ve gone all day without eating, it’ll show during the shoot. Photo shoots are a lot harder than they look and you can be there for several hours. 

If you’re stuck there hungry, it’ll show in your face. You also won’t be able to give it everything you’ve got if your mind is only thinking about your next meal. Eat a healthy breakfast, snack, lunch, and another snack depending on your appointment time. 

7. Bring More Options Than You Need

Although you may plan to only be shooting in three different outfits, pack more options. It’s always better to have more options than not have enough. You might be surprised that once arriving on the scene you or your photographer decides that a different outfit is a better fit.

Bring a backpack or purse filled with plenty of options to chose from. This way, you can mix match and switch things up if desired.

8. Play Your Favorite Music

A great way to relax and bring out your personality is to play your favorite music during the shoot. Music has a way of making us feel comfortable and carefree. Luckily, the music you listen to won’t be heard in your photos (obviously), so you won’t have to worry about it getting in the way.

You can, however, decide to get in the theme of the music you listen to. Consider a country boudoir shoot or rock n’ roll one. Listening to any type of happy music will boost your creativity

Remember These Boudoir Photo Shoot Tips 

If you’re considering scheduling your first boudoir shoot, keep these 8 boudoir photo shoot tips in mind. You’ll need to look and feel your best before arriving, and these tips will have you off to a great start!

For more tips on remaining healthy, check out our blog on 5 surprising health tips to enrich your life. 

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