How to Get Tickets on Ticketmaster: 10 Practical Tips

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In this world, three things are certain: death, taxes, and having to buy tickets on Ticketmaster. Since they control most of the market, it’s usually your only option.

That’s why it pays to know the best way to get tickets on Ticketmaster. There is an art to utilizing the service. With the right moves, you can secure the best tickets for even the hottest events.

Tired of getting ripped off by scalpers? Discover how to get tickets on Ticketmaster with these 10 practical tips. 

1. Mark Your Calendar

Ticketmaster timers are both a blessing and a curse. For example, you’ll know exactly when tickets become available. Everyone else will, too.

That means if you want to guarantee tickets for a hyped event, you’ll want to be there the moment they hit the market.

Most performers announce their ticket openings far in advance. You can also stay tapped into upcoming events by checking out Ticketmaster updates on the daily.

2. Go Mobile

The Ticketmaster app is the best method to skip to the front of the line. Since you’re competing for the best seats, every second counts.

Why is the app faster? Because it doesn’t have to deal with the same security measures, such as a captcha.

Shaving off a few extra seconds could be enough to guarantee you get those coveted tickets. If you have to use a desktop browser, extensions are available to block some security measures. Of course, Ticketmaster is trying to crack down on this. 

3. Skip the Rush

Even with great technique, there’s no guarantee you’ll get your hands on the tickets you’re after. Sometimes the best tickets disappear in a matter of minutes. Slow Ticketmaster loading times or a bad internet connection can put you at the bottom of the queue before you know it.

The secret is to get your hands on a Ticketmaster presale code. Presale codes allow you to purchase tickets before the general public. There are plenty of ways to find them, but the easiest is to check out

4. Prepare Multiple Devices

Ticketmaster itself recommends the use of only one browser. Otherwise, it could label you as a bot and disqualify you from purchasing tickets.

But most users say this is an outright fib. The speculation is Ticketmaster wants to limit distress on their servers to expedite the process.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with being cautious. Using multiple devices multiplies your chances of success — and it plays by their own rules, too. 

5. Never Refresh the Page

It’s a noob move. When the timer reaches zero on an event page, Ticketmaster should refresh right away. Expect a bit of a wait time as thousands of others are sitting on these tickets just like you.

Refreshing in advance can cost you vital seconds. Plus, it can totally throw off your position in queue when you’re forcing the burdened website to reload before it’s ready.

6. Sit on Tickets

So, you managed to snag tickets to a popular event. Problem is, the seating isn’t great. Like, you’re not even going to be close to your friends.

You have a chance to make things right. Once you claim tickets, they will drop into your shopping cart. Ticketmaster will give you three minutes to go through with the purchase.

In that span of time, you can continue looking for better tickets without giving up the ones you have. Just be quick about it. Wait too long, and you won’t have any tickets at all.

7. Be Stubborn

Nowadays, few shows sell all their tickets right away. They tend to open up in waves. This means you may miss some of the best tickets, but you can still find others later on.

Does Ticketmaster say the show is sold out? Don’t listen to them. Return to the event page every half hour and you may discover the event released a new group of tickets.

8. Snag a Credit Card

Most people know that joining fan clubs is an effective way to get tickets in advance. But as these have become more popular, it’s more difficult than ever to snag the rewards.

Want another way to get to the front of the line? Some credit card institutions have special presale offers for their holders. American Express is probably your best option in this regard. 

9. Double-Check Your Account

You landed the tickets you’re looking for, but when you go to checkout you realize your Ticketmaster account isn’t updated. Maybe your address or payment information is completely wrong.

By the time you find your wallet and credit card information, it’s too late. Ticketmaster has removed the tickets from your shopping cart and made them available to someone else.

Don’t let this happen to you. The day before ticket sales open, drop into your account and make sure everything looks good. 

10. Search for Fan Tickets

Ticketmaster got tired of bots scalping tickets so now they allow fans to sell them on their own site. It sounds a bit scummy, but it’s made resold tickets more reliable and cheaper. Maybe that’s why Ticketmaster is the second most popular ticket reseller.

Search for tickets every day before the event begins. People who bought tickets and can no longer attend will likely sell them directly through Ticketmaster. You’ll pay a bit more, but at least you’ll get to attend!

How to Get Tickets on Ticketmaster Every Time

More event-goers than ever are going great lengths to guarantee a great ticket. And if you want one, you’ll have to play by the same rules. Now that you know how to get tickets on Ticketmaster, you stand a better chance of snagging those front row seats.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get started.

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