How to Make $100 a Day: 8 Exceptional Ideas for Earning Extra Money

how to make $100 a day

It’s never been easier to make extra cash outside of your day job.

Today, the side hustle and gig space are thriving with opportunities for everyone. No matter your experience, there’s a job you can do on the side.

All you need to do is decide which side hustle is right for you.

Maybe you work a 9-5 so you only have time on evenings and weekends. Maybe you’re an early riser and can squeeze in some work first thing in the morning.

Whatever your routine or work experience is, there’s no better time to pick up a side gig than today. If you’re wondering how to make $100 a day, keep reading for 8 great ideas.

1. Drive for Lyft

Driving services have taken off since people realized they’re cheaper and more personalized than taking a taxi.

When you drive for Lyft, you can choose the hours you want to work and the clientele. Only want to drive in your city? No problem! Only free one night a week? No problem.

If you can drive during the peak hours in your area, you can easily earn $100 a day. You can discover more by speaking to your next Lyft driver about their job and determine if it’s right for you.

2. List a Room on Airbnb

If you live in a city with tourist attractions (sports stadiums, landmarks, entertainment, etc.), your spare bedroom could be a jackpot of extra cash.

On your Airbnb page, specify the number of people you can board and the house rules. You can insist on quieter guests with no partying and even give them their own key for minimal interaction.

The amount of money you earn this way depends on people visiting your city. Take advantage of seasonal festivals and events that attract guests.

3. Freelance Writing

An awesome way of making extra money without leaving your house is through freelance writing.

Create an account on Upwork and write your profile. Emphasize the services you can provide and your experience.

You can offer more than writing freelance. Here are some other profitable skills you can market:

  • Transcription
  • Proofreading
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Editing

There’re many more services you can offer; get creative about the things you already do for work. If you write for your personal blog, you can likely write for others. If you send emails at work, maybe you can help a company with their email marketing.

The freelance world is your oyster.

4. Rent out Your Parking Space

This is an especially lucrative side hustle if you live in a big city.

Parking is always a pain downtown, especially for people who work in the city and have to commute. If you already live in an area people are commuting to, renting out your parking space can be a profitable service.

All you have to do is post your ad on Craigslist or on your social media feed and set a price. Depending on the city and other parking space prices, you could potentially make $100 a day.

5. Sell Your Stuff

There’s nothing like decluttering your space to free up your mind. And, making some extra cash doesn’t hurt either.

Take inventory of what you don’t use in your home. Here are some common items people having laying around that could bring in some money:

  • Vinyl records
  • Gold and jewelry
  • Furniture in decent condition
  • Clothing

The last point is extremely profitable if you have designer brands with their tags still on. You can place high-end garments on eBay for a competitive price and make well over $100.

People have also made a killing by selling scrap metal at scrap yards. You’ll have to learn what the best metals are and then see if you have any laying around your house.

6. Dog Walking/Boarding

Have you noticed a lot of dogs in your neighborhood? Those pets are all potential clients if you want to be a dog walker on the side.

If you enjoy animals and being outside, this is the gig for you. Place flyers or your business cards in the mailboxes of your neighbors with dogs letting them know you’re available.

There are usually dog walking companies in most cities, so price your services competitively. And, let them know you can also board their pets when they go on vacation. Cha-ching!

7. Clean Houses

Now, this isn’t the most glamorous side gig, but it does pay well.

If you’re happy to roll up your sleeves up and wash some floors, cleaning houses could make you over $100 a day.

These days, no one has time to deep clean their homes on a regular basis. They could pay a cleaning company or hire someone they trust with competitive rates.

Advertise your house cleaning services to your friends, family, social media network, and in your community. Specify other cleaning services you may know how to do like gutter cleaning or closet organization.

8. Tutor Online

Are you a native English speaker? Did you go to college for a specific field of study? If so, you could market that background to tutor people online around the world.

The market for English language teachers and tutors is hot right now. Parents all over the world want to ensure their kids can speak English for future job opportunities. You could be their weekly online tutor and make a killing.

There’s also a market for people wanting a tutor for their school studies at high school and college level. If you’re an expert or knowledgeable on topics students need to learn, you could make money tutoring them online or in your city.

Still Curious About How to Make $100 a Day?

You can easily make extra money on top of your regular salary from your day job. We live in the side hustle era; everyone is looking to make some extra cash.

There are lots of gigs that pay decent money here and there. But, if you’re wondering how to make $100 a day or more, it’s all about marketing yourself. Assess what you’re good at, how marketable that service is in your city, and advertise everywhere.

For more great tips on making money, things to do in your spare time, and entertainment, check out our blog.

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