Is Dehydrated Dog Food Good for Your Dog?

dehydrated dog food

Having a pet is like having a child–you want to give it the best that the world can offer. You also want to make sure that whatever you are providing for your pet is perfectly fit for their individual makeup.

If you have a dog, you have likely considered whether you should give them raw or dehydrated dog foods. There are a few differences between the two, and you should know them before feeding them to your animal.

Raw pet food usually seems natural, healthy, and best fit for your animal. This is not always the case because different animals require different diets. Read on to discover dehydrated dog food benefits that may prompt you to make a change.

Benefits of Dehydrated Dog Food

Raw pet foods are packed with vitamins and nutrients. Much of the essential nutrition in food is baked out when i’ts cooked and dried out into kibble. This is why traditional, cooked pet food is void of color.

Raw foods, however, do have a few risky aspects to consider. Because the meat is in its original form, there is a much higher chance that it contains harmful bacteria. Additionally, your animal may have a difficult time digesting and breaking down the material if it is used to eating kibble.

Dehydrated dog food benefits your pet because it contains all of the nutrients that raw food does, except it is not as susceptible to bacteria and disease. This is because it is slowly cooked in a way that retains nutrients while eliminating the possibility of malicious bacteria.

In addition to being nutritious, safe food, dehydrated dog food is also easily digestible by your pet. While raw food is organically difficult for domesticated animals to digest, dehydrated food is like kibble in the sense that household animals have an easy time passing it.

Traits Compatible with Dehydrated Dog Food

If your dog has a difficult digestive tract or is very sensitive to different tastes, dehydrated food may be your best bet as well. As we’ve stated, the food is easily passable and gentle on the stomach. Additionally, the flavor is gentle enough to be palatable, yet still retaining most of its original taste.

Another thing to consider is the storage, preparation, and clean up of your pets food. Kibble is easily storable, but it’s also incredibly messy if your dog doesn’t have the best control. Raw food is extremely messy as well, yet for other reasons.

Canned food is also messy, getting onto your dog’s fur and requiring a decent amount of clean up. Dehydrated dog food doesn’t require a lot of preparation or cleanup, is easily stored, and less messy than kibble.

Not Sure? Talk to Your Vet

You may be on the fence about dehydrated dog food, and that’s totally understandable! You don’t want to introduce a harmful food to your dog.

Speaking with your vet will give you peace of mind on that matter. Do some research on the pros and cons of both raw and dehydrated dog food, speak with a vet, and make the decision.

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