How to Buy a Vape: Practical Tips for First-Time Buyers

how to buy a vape

When you’re ready to quit smoking and start vaping, the hundreds of options can be overwhelming. For beginners, it’s easy to plunk down a few hundred dollars or more.

And, then, what if you aren’t happy with it? Or, after finding your beginner kit, it’s not the best fit for what you need.

Then, you’ve got yourself a cool-looking paperweight. And, you’re still on the cigarettes.

Before you decide on how to start vaping the right way, take a look at how to buy a vape. We’ve put together a guide for beginners.

How a Vape Pen Works

The are three necessary parts of a vape pen: A battery for power, a coil which heats up to produce the vapor, and the cartridge or tank which holds the liquid.

If you are vaping for the taste, a host of flavored liquids are available. For those who want to vape to quit cigarettes, nicotine liquids are available.

Best Vape Pens for Beginners

For those who are starting out, a kit is a great way to go. Starter sets ensure you’ll have everything you need. Then, you choose the juices to go along with it:

Here’s a guide for nicotine strengths:

  • 12mg/mL- for those who are heavy smokers, up to 30 cigarettes per day
  • 6mg/mL-for those who were light smokers or prefer a light cigarette
  • 3mg/mL-for those who smoke less than ten cigarettes per day or stepping down from higher amounts
  • 0mg/mL-for those working down from nicotine levels or prefer no nicotine at all

Nicotine salt comes in higher values for those wanting full flavor. The salt type liquid has more organic materials than the regular juice.

Many vapers say it is smoother and stronger than common nicotine juices. For those wanting higher nicotine amounts, keep in mind vaping is much different than cigarettes.

Each cigarette lasts a few minutes, but a vaping device works anytime. So, some smokers end up taking in too much.

This can cause nausea, vomiting, headaches, and lasts a good while. The overload can sometimes be a reason they go back to smoking.

Be careful when you first start. Learn more from the experts on keeping safe from overdoing it.

Here’s a guide for non-nicotine juices:

  • Tobacco Flavors: for those who prefer methol or other traditional smokes
  • Marijuana Vape Juice: not available in every state
  • Sample Packs: great for the indecisive

For those who have experience, they find their favorites. And, there are options along the way including waxes and dry herbs, too. Once you get your vape on, you can branch out, also.

What a Beginner Set Includes

A starter set should have the pen, batteries or charger, and your choice of coils. And, there’s a good variety of options. Prices can range from $25 to a couple of hundred depending on your budget and taste.

The best advice is to choose what’s best for how you will vape. For example, if you are considering vaping to quit cigarettes, you want an ample dose of smoke (vapor).

Smokers tend to be more satisfied with the back-of-the-throat experience. But, those who are vaping more for pleasure may not have an interest in giant clouds and scratchy throat.

The amount of vapor comes from the coil part of the device. The type of coil determines the amount of draw you’ll get from the device.

So, for those who prefer a more massive amount of vape mist, they’ll want a make sure the product matches. Some beginner kits allow you to choose the coil.

Keep in mind with regular vape usage; you’ll be replacing the coil every 1-2 weeks. So, take a look at replacement costs when deciding on the beginner set.

Pen or Mod? How to Buy a Vape Kit You Will Enjoy

Many experts will tell you that pens are best for beginners. They are light and can fit in a pocket, so they’re convenient.

And, they are a no-brainer for ease of use. Mods have more to figure out.

They are a bit more complex but are also more powerful. And, more durable. So, they are a bit pricier, too.

Many who prefer mods have made their way to them after using a pen for some time.

Vaping to replace cigarettes might point to convenience, too. There is an important reason to get a pen or mod you can take anywhere.

If you leave batteries or other components at home, the more likely you’ll stop for a pack of cigarettes.

So, find the model that is easiest for you to pack up when you leave the house.

Some Other Tips Once You Find Your Cool Vape Pen

Once you’ve found the right fit, use these tips rather than making some common noob mistakes.

  • Start with a low voltage pen-you can move up from there
  • Disassemble your device every night-vape juice can leak where it shouldn’t
  • Maintain the vaping device for best results-this will cut back on replacement parts
  • Always keep your kit with you-even extra batteries should be close at hand
  • Don’t mix flavors-keep one flavor per tank and switch out as necessary
  • Quality of the juices-low quality and low price may have dangerous ingredients

If you are starting off with a pen, you’ll soon find they get dropped. And kicked, or jostled around in the car.

Keep quality in mind, too. The good ones can take some bumps and keep going.

Learn How to Buy a Vape with Good Research

There are scores of choices, and learning how to buy a vape is all about thoughtful shopping.

Check blogs from those with experience, and learn more from sellers where you can.

Need advice on more products? Check here for more great advice.

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