Learning How to Use a Water Bong: Your Step by Step Guide

If you’re a beginner weed smoker, you might be considering the best way to consume your product. If you have even a passing awareness of marijuana culture, you will already be keenly aware of the ubiquitousness of the bong. Using a bong has been one of the most popular ways to consume weed for decades now and remains a staple tool in any dedicated smoker’s tool chest.

In fact, numerous studies from as far back as the 1960s have demonstrated that smoking weed via a bong is safer, healthier, and less toxic than smoking with tobacco or in a blunt or joint. If you are considered trying out a bong for the first time, we are here to help. Read on to find out exactly how to use a water bong to get the best results from your next smoke session. 

1. Before You Smoke

If you are wondering how do you use a bong, the first thing to keep in mind is that preparation is key. The first thing you should do is invest in a quality water bong, ideally from a trusted and legal provider of water bongs such as Smoke Shop Plus, which has been providing quality smoking products for years.

Make sure your bong has a downstem and a bowl. Next, you will need a grinder to grind up your weed, as well as a lighter. Finally, don’t forget your favorite strain of weed. You might be wondering how to use a water bottle bong or some other form of DIY bong. The principles are largely the same as using a high-quality bong, but it is recommended to avoid the DIY route if you want better results. 

2. How to Use a Water Bong: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now it’s time to learn exactly how to use a bong. Here is what you need to do once you have all of the necessary equipment: 

  • Check that the bowl is clean and that the downstem fits nicely into the bowl 
  • Pour water into your bong chamber through the mouthpiece, ensuring that the bottom of the stem is fully submerged
  • Grind your marijuana down into fine chunks – the smaller the best 
  • Pack the bowl with the marijuana, taking care not to pack it too tightly as this will make smoking more difficult
  • Use your lighter to ignite the marijuana and place your mouth over the mouthpiece to begin inhaling
  • With your mouth still over the mouthpiece, remove the stem and continue inhaling until the chamber is cleared of smoke 

3. Water Bong Care and Maintenance 

You now know how to use a mini bong and a normal-sized bong. Once you have finished, it is important to look after your bong so that it retains its function and doesn’t become dirty. Always rinse and clean your bong thoroughly after use.

Empty the ash out of the bowl and use some scrubbing salts to clean all of the dirt and resin away. Rinse the stem through a faucet with warm water and you are good to go. 

More Life Hacks for a Better 2021

Knowing how to use a water bong is one of those timeless and essential life hacks that everyone should know. For more simple and helpful life hacks to ensure that you have a better 2021, make sure to consult our extensive Hacks section for insider advice on the things that matter. 

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