Making the Private, Public: What Is Boarding School Like?

Boarding schools are definitely not your average educational system, but they’re not as bad – or as glamorous – as some stereotypes make them out to be!

Just because a person goes to boarding school doesn’t mean that they’ve been “shipped off” by their parents. It also doesn’t mean that boarding schools are exclusively attended by young people from rich, well-off families.

In truth, going to boarding school is more “normal” than people think. It’s kind of like a mix between summer camp, college, and any old high school experience.

What is boarding school like? If you really want to know, keep reading.

The Course Load

Boarding school is a great choice for students whose hometowns don’t have good public school systems. Sometimes, the smartest thing to do is go elsewhere rather than settle for what’s in the local area.

But, even students who have access to top-notch public schools have something to gain from going to a boarding school.

The curriculum at boarding school mimics that of college. It’s structured, rigorous, and it goes beyond the standard education requirements of most public schools. Students can indulge their interests in things outside of a standard course load. These include interests like new languages, life skills, and career-specific preparation.

More so, the professors tend to challenge students to go deeper into the learning process. It’s not uncommon for a classroom in a boarding school to be set up in a discussion-style learning system. But, all classrooms aim to encourage more in-depth independent thinking.

Boarding schools tend to have mandatory study hours outside of the school day, too.

The Living Arrangements

As intense as the education at a boarding school is, this is also a great place to live.

Students typically share a space with a roommate and suitemates. They all get a sense of independence from living away from home, and they’re exposed to the cultures of other students, too. In fact, it’s pretty common for a private boarding school to have a decent amount of international students.

All students enjoy a variety of on-campus resources that provide them with everything they need to feel at home. These include laundry facilities, dining accommodations, and of course, plenty of chances to have fun!

Actually, one of the most interesting parts of boarding school is the unique range of extracurriculars to choose from. These school systems offer sports and arts clubs like anywhere else, but they also cater to unique interests like fashion, culinary arts, and even quidditch.

Balancing Family Life, Social Relationships, and Academics

The thing about going to boarding school is that it teaches students much more than book smarts. The education they get is impressive. But, the life skills and personal development they achieve are just as much of an accomplishment (if not more).

It becomes a lot easier to make new friends and build strong bonds with them when you all live and study together. Attending boarding school also makes extracurriculars much more accessible than normal. There’s no need for families to plan everyone’s schedule around them when students live on-campus.

Not to mention, distance does make the heart grow fonder. The struggles of boarding school make students appreciate their families a lot more.

What Is Boarding School Like for Celebrities?

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