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Marijuana and Epilepsy: What’s the Connection?

Everyone knows that marijuana and other cannabis products have been used in medical contexts for many years. Even during this time, the debate has raged on over the scientific reality and utility of these products in the medical field. 

With non-medical marijuana getting swiftly legalized across the country, the discussion is flaring up once more. Can ‘weed’ be helpful for more than getting high? It’s hard for people to see around the stoner reputation of cannabis, but medical feedback has always been positive. 

For example, what about marijuana and epilepsy? Many who struggle with epilepsy get prescriptions for cannabis products to help manage their symptoms.

Why marijuana, and how does it work?

Read on and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know. 

What Is Medical Marijuana? 

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of medical marijuana, there is some groundfloor knowledge you might need. While marijuana is the most common form of cannabis, it’s not the only kind out there. A cannabis plant can have many products taken from it, and many have medicinal purposes.

All of these products work the same. They contain something referred to as cannabinoids, which when ingested merge with occurring cannabinoid receptors in the human body. This connection usually produces a relaxing, or anxiety-relieving, feeling in the person who ingests. 

Marijuana, as it’s popularly understood, contains THC. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is is a chemical that produces the effects of getting ‘high.’ On the other hand, CBD products are also produced from a cannabis plant but do not contain any THC. That means there are no psychoactive effects and a CBD user would not get high by using a product.

For this reason, CBD products are considered legal in every state in the country. It is usually a CBD-based product that is used in a medical context. 

The Positive Effects Of CBD

CBD products have exploded in popularity over the last few years. As this article outlines, the consumption of CBD products has grown exponentially over time. Why all this growth? 

People have really opened up to the idea that cannabis products can help their daily lives. And it’s true: while official scientific research is nonconclusive, most people who use CBD products do report a variety of beneficial effects. 

One of the most common uses of CBD products is as an anxiety-reliever. Ingesting CBD into the body helps to reduce the body’s natural stress response and bringing you back into an easy balance of comfort and joy. For those with high-stress lifestyles or easy triggered anxieties, CBD can be a lifesaver. 

CBD products are also often used by those with insomnia or trouble sleeping. The comforting and calming feeling of CBD in the body helps make it easier to fall asleep. 

The products can also be used topically, and have the power to help reduce pain and inflammation in the body. If someone has been injured or sore, the use of a product can help them mitigate their discomfort without side effects. 

CBD products can, of course, also help those struggling with the symptoms of epilepsy. 

Marijuana And Epilepsy

What is the connection between marijuana and epilepsy? And why do so many that struggle with epilepsy turn to cannabis-based products? 

CBD products can actually help to prevent the seizures associated with epilepsy from happening. Exact research is still being done into why this is the case, but results from human studies utilizing CBD dosages have been overwhelmingly positive. 

Many believe that CBD helps to alter the chemicals in the brain that typically cause seizures to occur. Within the study, researchers also found that a smaller dosage of 10mg was the best amount to take. At higher dosages, participants felt the drowsier effects of the products.

Lower dosages, on the other hand, allowed for full clarity while still helping to prevent seizures and epileptic symptoms from occurring. At this point in time, studies have mostly centered around generalized cases of epilepsy, with few to little work being done to look into cases of more focal versions of epilepsy.

It is also worth mentioning that the majority of studies have been done using a highly concentrated form of CBD. It is not possible to say that CBD products being sold at a store near you would have the exact same effects or purity of the CBD products used in the study. 

Is CBD Right For You? 

If you struggle from seizures or epilepsy, you might be considering that purchasing CBD products is the right move for you. It is not recommended to try CBD before looking into or trying other forms of conventional treatment. But if other treatment methods have not worked, working in a CBD regiment might be very helpful. 

You can and should visit a doctor in your area that is familiar with both epilepsy and CBD and get an opinion before purchasing. Having a working physician looking over you as you attempt to handle epilepsy symptoms is advisable no matter what form your attempts take.

They might be able to help determine what the proper dosage and schedule would be for your particular case. 

Understanding New CBD Research

Scientific research into cannabis products is still a new field. While CBD at this juncture is being hailed as something of a cure-all, there have been many positive links discovered between marijuana and epilepsy treatment. 

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