Meteoric Metal: How Skyscrapers Are Built, Explained In 4 Steps

how are skyscrapers built

They’re the highlight of every city’s skyline. They reflect the grandiosity of the industries they house and, on foggy days, may even become lost in the clouds. Some are over two thousand feet tall, but even the smallest ones live up to their name: skyscrapers.

These towering buildings have been a part of our history since the 1800’s and continue to become more impressive each year. Cities compete to see who can build the tallest, most monumental structures. Tourists travel to the highest floors just for bragging rights.

But their superficial glory is only one small part of their story. After all, their unbelievable size raises one important question: how are skyscrapers built?

Keep reading to find out how skyscrapers are created, explained in four steps. Let’s get started!

How Are Skyscrapers Built? Step One: The Basics

In order to understand how to build a skyscraper, one must first understand these basic ideas:

  • Strength is key. If the structure cannot support its own weight, it will not succeed.
  • Weather patterns and natural disasters are unavoidable. Wind, rain, storms, and earthquakes are important to consider during a skyscraper’s development.
  • Easy evacuation for workers and residents is a must.
  • Skyscrapers should have inclusive accessibility worked into each part of their design.

Step Two: The Materials

So, what materials are needed to build a skyscraper? Concrete from a trusted supplier like Hymix, steel rods, and steel beams are the most common components.

If builders pour the concrete around the steel rods, it creates a solid frame that can withstand bad weather. Around this frame, marble, aluminum, glass, drywall, wood, and granite are used to create the remainder of the structure.

Step Three: The Design

Next comes the most important aspect of any skyscraper: its design. During this phase of construction, important details come to light.

The design team will have to figure out exactly how tall the building will be, and how it will support this height. They will need to iron out every detail, like where the stairs and elevators will be, if the building will include modern design elements like solar power, and how to make the skyscraper as safe as possible.

Step Four: Construction Time

When the design is complete, it’s time for the skyscraper build. This process can take anywhere from around one to five years. Let’s break it down.

The Substructure

First, the building needs a foundation. This element is below the ground. It’s vital because it supports the entirety of the structure above it.

The Superstructure

Next comes the part of the building which is above ground. First, the skyscraper needs a sturdy skeleton, and then everything around it like walls, floors, and windows.

Wrapping Up

The next time you tilt your head up in a big city, consider all the careful planning and construction that goes into creating its glorious skyscrapers. After all, they’re more than just tall buildings.

How are skyscrapers built? They’re built to withstand tough weather and great heights, and all with safety in mind. Years of planning, design, and construction all come together to create each and every skyscraper you see decorating a city’s skyline.

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