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Saving Money on TV Entertainment: Is Cutting the Cord Really Cheaper?

Do you pay for cable and streaming services? You may want to get access to all of your favorite shows, so you sign up for every service available. This can end up costing quite a lot each month. 

You may be thinking about the best cut the cord options.

More and more people are finding the best way to cut the cord on their cable TV subscription. But, is cutting the cord really cheaper? And, will you be missing out by not having cable? 

In this cable cutting guide, we’ll talk about the best ways for you to save money on your TV entertainment. 

Decide What You Want to Watch 

With a wealth of choices out there in terms of shows, it can be hard to work out exactly which is the best service to sign up to. 

Think about the shows that you enjoy and want to watch and work out where you can view them. 

Many top cable shows are syndicated to streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. In addition to this, many major TV companies have their own streaming service including Disney and HBO.

You may need to take up two streaming services, however, often this does come in cheaper than your monthly cable subscription. 

Weighing the Prices

When it comes to paying for cable or satellite, you’ll take out a contract. Usually, this means that you’re tied to that service until your contract expires unless you pay a hefty leaving fee. 

In addition to the fixed contract costs, there may be additional charges for watching movies, getting extra channels, or to be able to watch sports. 

On the streaming side, there are no contracts. That means that if the shows you watch on there get canceled or finish, you could just cancel your subscription. 

There are also live-TV streaming services that are often free. This will give you access to lots more of your favorite shows. 

Don’t Forget to Factor the Additional Costs

When you’re weighing up whether to go with a combination of streaming services or cable packages there are always additional costs involved. 

If you’re having your cable or satellite TV, you’ll need to think about hiring someone to install these for you. 

If you’re thinking about just having free-to-view TV through an ariel you’ll need to think about the best TV antenna installation

Streaming requires a fast internet connection. That said, 83% of households have an internet connection that they use for other purposes.

Is Cutting the Cord Really Cheaper?

So, is cutting the cord really cheaper? The answer is that if you’re savvy, then it can be. You’ll need to have a clear idea of what you want to watch and pick the streaming services that provide the best value for money in terms of choices. 

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