10 Macbook Air Tips and Tricks You Don’t Know About

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Have you ever thought about how to optimize your Macbook Air?

Whether this is your first Macbook Air or you’re a veteran user, there may be some things that you have not ever explored. 

We are here to help your ease of use, productivity, and give you the best macOS experience possible. 

Want to learn more? Here are the ten Macbook Air tips and tricks that you may not have known existed.

1. Customize Your Trackpad With Multi-Touch Gestures 

Macbooks are known for their incredible trackpads, and one of the best ways to navigate around them is to learn the gestures. 

The trackpad, known for its multi-touch, can help you open up applications, zoom in, and navigate across your MacBook. 

For example, swipe side to side to see all your open windows, use your thumb and pointer finger on opposite corners of the trackpad to zoom in, and even configure your shortcuts by going to System Preferences > Trackpad. 

2. Get the Most out of iCloud Drive and the Files App

If you use a Macbook Air, then you may have an iPhone. The relationship between iOS and macOS is seamless, and you can get the most out of iCloud Drive by syncing the two together. 

You may know that your Macbook Air can have all your photos, contacts, etc., but did you know you can also view your Macbook Air’s desktop from your iPhone? To do this, just make sure that you are syncing with iCloud Drive. 

From here, download the Files app on your iPhone. This way, when you launch the Files app, you will see your desktop. From here, you can access any documents you may need on the go. Similarly, you can also upload photos to your desktop remotely. 

This way, when you return to your Macbook Air, you will see what your iPhone added.

3. Spotlight is the Speediest Way to Search

Spotlight is one of the most convenient features of macOS. 

To bring up Spotlight search, just hit Command > Spacebar. With this, you can search for a variety of things, or even use it as a calculator for quick math. Spotlight search is a guaranteed way to save you from opening a browser and Googling something. 

4. Join in With Public Betas

Did you know that you can access the latest software updates before they are released? 

Well, with Apple’s public beta program, you can download new software, such as Big Sur, before the general public does. Big Sur was announced last month and will bring a lot of new features to macOS. 

New features include a personalized Safari page, new emojis, privacy reports, and more. Want to learn more? You can learn how how to download macOS Big Sur by going to

5. Shortcut Commands With Hot Corners

Hot Corners are an excellent way to customize your Macbook Air’s commands. 

To program Hot Corners, go to System Preferences > Mission Control > Hot Corners. Hot Corners activate when your cursor hits a specific spot on your desktop. These commands can be turning off your computer, open a new desktop, and more. 

6. Change Up Your Dock

Are you tired of having your dock’s icon cluttering the bottom of your screen? 

Or maybe the icons are too big, and you want to tweak them. There is a way you can change up your Macbook Air’s dock, and it’s super simple. To do this, go to System Preferences > Dock. From here, you can make your dock vertical and even tweak the size of the icons if you wish. 

7. Utilize Your Apple Watch and Security Features

If you have an Apple Watch, you may not know that you can unlock your Macbook by using your Apple watch. Additionally, you can also add your Apple Watch authentication, so you do not have to have to type in passwords repeatedly. 

Say don’t have an Apple Watch but have a newer Macbook Air (2018 and later), you should be able to utilize the Touch ID capabilities. Not only does this make login faster, but it is also way more secure than using a traditional password. 

8. Organize Your Desktop

A messy desktop can genuinely hinder your workflow, but luckily macOS has a feature that allows you to tame that desktop. If your MacBook Air is running macOS Mojave, you can use Stacks. 

Stacks allows you to right-click on your desktop and magically sort every document of the same file type together into an organized pile. This way, you can get rid of the eyesore of having multiple documents spread across your screen. 

9. Take Video Screenshots

Yes, video screenshots are a thing! 

Taking screenshots on your Macbook is a pretty simple trick, but a lot of people don’t know that you can also take a video of your screen. To do this, select Shift > Command > 5. From there, an interface will pop up that will allow you to record your screen or a portion of it. 

10. Open Folders With More Speed

If you want a snappier experience and don’t want to wait for the folder to open, there are more ways to do it. 

To quickly open a folder, hit Command and then any arrow key. What this will do is bring up a folder from Finder or on your desktop. With these keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to sift through various folders and see your content. 

MacBook Air Tips and Tricks

These are the top ten Macbook Air tips and tricks you may not have known existed. Now that you know these handy features feel free to utilize them to boost your productivity.

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