Start Your Side Hustle: The Best DIY Things to Sell

diy things to sell

Today, over 44 million Americans have at least one side hustle. For the uninitiated, a side hustle is a job you do in addition to your primary means of employment to subsidize your income.

Some people take on side hustles out of necessity. Others do so just because they enjoy the grind of finding creative ways to make money.

Either way, side hustles are undoubtedly lucrative if you invest your time in the right ones.

Amidst a sea of penitential side hustle ideas, creating DIY things to sell has emerged as one of the most popular and profitable. That’s good news for you crafty folk out there looking to make some extra coin.

But what DIY crafts sell the best?

Below, you’ll find our team’s pick for the top DIY things you should consider selling to make big money!

1. Bracelets and Necklaces

Among the most popular jewelry worn by people all over the world are bracelets and necklaces.


Because they’re easy to throw on and can be extremely helpful in tying an outfit together. Given that people want these showy accessories to be as original as possible, more and more are looking for custom, hand-made ones that truly express their uniqueness.

That’s why many crafty people have started selling bracelets and necklaces that they handmake. If you have a fine eye for jewelry crafting, you should try your hand at this!

2. Homemade Dog Treats

Jewelry not your thing? That’s totally okay!

Maybe you’re more about baking… and dogs. If that’s true, then selling DIY dog treats could be your ticket to fame and fortune!

The organic, designer dog food market is continuing to balloon on the heels of people becoming increasingly ingredient conscious. So, if you know how to make delicious, dog-friendly treats, you can whip up a batch and take them to your local farmer’s market to make some money!

3. Tote Bags

Among the top DIY things to sell are DIY tote bags. Tote bags are multi-purpose, extremely fashionable and, with the recent ban on plastic grocery bags in many places, are becoming incredibly valuable.

Tote bags are easy to make. Simply put together a basic bag pattern, work in a creative strap and you’re done!

The more creative and personal you get with these, the better.

4. Custom Picture Frames

A picture is worth a thousand words (especially when you use these photography services) but typically, frames are pretty mute. That is of course unless your frame is handmade and has some serious pizzazz.

If you have a creative flair in you, you can take just about any craft materials, bedazzle some picture frames, and sell them!

Given how many people take photos, custom picture frames could have one of the widest DIY things to sell consumer bases on this list!

5. Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are a music festival staple for some reason unbeknownst to our writing team. We’re also seeing people walking down the street with them on for no reason at all.

What this flower crown growing obsession means for you is serious “moolah” if you have a knack for floral stuff. Just get a basic headband and throw some fake flowers on it in interesting patterns to make something awesome.

If you’re selling locally, you can also use fresh flowers. This is especially true during prom season or other special events!

6. Creative Candles

Custom candles are staple DIY things to sell and for good reason. They look awesome, they punch up your home decor and smell great!

Get some fun colored waxes and start throwing them together to make candles that look cool. You can even up-cycle your wax by sourcing it from previously used candles or crayons!

7. Bath Bombs

The build your own bath bomb market might be a little saturated at this point… It could still be a lucrative venture for you though if find a creative angle to take.

Bath bombs provide fun bath time experiences for users. They turn water different colors and make your skin feel great! As an added benefit, some bath bombs even have fun prizes inside when they’re done dissolving.

So, if you’re a fan of bathing, hop on YouTube, figure out how to make great bath bombs and start selling!

8. Custom Key Chains

One thing that just about everybody in America keeps in their pocket these days is their cellphone… another thing is their keys.

Expanding on keys… Keys are just a bunch of loose metal thingies sure to get lost without a good keychain. Therein lies your opportunity!

If you can find awesome, creative ways to make a functional yet totally unique keychain, the market for your DIY creation will be massive! Think up-cycling old things, using bottle caps, old car parts, etc.

The more creative and personal you can get with your DIY keychains, the more likely you are to capture a market that’s willing to spend big on them!

Wrapping Up The Top DIY Things to Sell

If you’re looking to take on a side hustle to pay off whatever expensive purchase you recently made, making cool DIY things to sell can be the idea you’re looking for.

To get started, first you have to decide which cool craft you’re going to focus on making. Our recommendation is to pick one of our suggestions above.

Each is highly creative and have proven markets both online and off. They are also relatively easy to make.

Remember, getting traction selling things takes time. In addition to making a great product, also plan on coming up with interesting ways to market your goods and stick with it for a good period of time.

You’ll find with a good product and good persistence, the money will start flowing in!

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