The 10 Commandments Of Basic Car Maintenance

The state of the car reflects the owner. The condition of your vehicle can tell a lot about you. It is as the adage goes, the devil is in the details.

How you maintain your car tells about your sense of responsibility. Furthermore, maintaining your car also means that it doesn’t have any mechanical issues. It is not awesome for police officers having to pull you over every time because of a car issue.

Taking proper care of your car means a smooth and safe drive. It also maintains the safety of other road users. The little mechanical problems can bring about tremendous disaster.

It is imperative that you keep your car well maintained and in good condition. Prevention is better than cure. Maintaining your vehicle means that you won’t have to incur the cost of colossal garage service fees.

To keep your automotive in check, there are a few basics that you should know. Take the time to learn some essential mechanical hacks. Know the functions of different parts and how they work.

Here is a car maintenance checklist to keep your car in check.

1. Be a Better Driver

The way you drive has a significant impact on your vehicle. When you drive rashly, you wear out your car and increase the chances of permanent mechanical damage. Try and observe the road signs and rules.

Being a better driver means being responsible on the road by driving safely and smartly. Avoid over speeding as this not only keeps you and road users safe but also saves on fuel. Keep an eye on the road limit.

Furthermore, avoid using your cellphone while driving and always keep your eyes on the road.

2. Check the Engine Oil Level Regularly

When it comes to mechanics, no machine is 100% efficient due to friction. The pistons experience a lot of resistance due to the movement to produce energy. We should work only to push it towards 100 percent efficiency.

To achieve this, we should ensure that there is proper lubrication to minimize friction. Check the engine oil level. As a car owner you should know how to check the oil engines.

The process is simple. locate the oil dipstick, check the oil level, wipe it and reinsert it again, then pull it out back. form hear you will be able to read and tell the  engine oil level of your car. Also, keep track of the oil’s color.

The oil color shouldn’t be black. Change the engine oil from time to time to keep your engine in a perfect performance.

3. Check the Air Filter

Ensure that you check your car’s air filters regularly. Worn out filters results to you breathing contaminated air.

Clean your air filters regularly as well. Keep the air filters dust free to keep them in tip-top condition. Cleaning and replacement of air filters is a primary maintenance DIY practice that doesn’t require a visit to the garage.

4. Inspect Your Tires

Keep track of the tire pressure. The condition of your wheels is vital and should be monitored keenly. Check whether the tire pressure is in check and look out for any worn out tires.

You can also rotate your tires so that they are durable for a long time. Even so, ensure that your tires are well balanced and aligned. Check the tire tread depth as well to know whether the tires have proper ground contact.

5. Keep the Engine Coolant Level In Check

It goes without mentioning how important it is to ensure that the engine is adequately cooled. Without even having to move a muscle, you can know the engine’s coolant level from the dashboard.

It’s your car; you should know where to read the engine coolant level.

Monitor the coolant level to ensure that the engine doesn’t overheat. As part of the auto maintenance routine, you should check the car engine coolant level before you head out.

6. Car Bodywork

The exterior appearance of your car is vital as you don’t want to drive in a dilapidated jalopy. Check out for any dents or scratch marks. Ensure that your vehicle is clean and dust free.

Car waxing, polishing, and buffing also play a massive role in maintaining the car’s paint job.

Find a body shop repairs company to keep your vehicle glowing and brand new shining. Work with body shop repairs that use top-notch detailing tools.

7. Technological Car Maintenance

Let’s face it; technology has ventured into most industries to make things easier. There are many services that you can use to keep track of the overall performance of your car.

Basic maintenance has never been so easy. With computer diagnostics, the software can point out a specific problem in the automotive systems. There are car maintenance reminders to help you schedule your garage days and keep your car in check.

Car assistance from software can also make driving more comfortable and safer. The virtual car assistants help to prevent collisions and provide better information while driving.

8. Fuel

Be wary of the fuel that you feed your engine. Be careful when fueling as the wrong fuel can cause engine failure. Stick to the fuel recommended by the car’s manufacturer.

9. Maintain The Condition Of Your Belts And Horses

You don’t want to cause traffic because your belts have broken loose. The worst of ignorance to maintain your car’s belts and horses happens to your engine.

Compared to the cost of maintaining the belts and horses, you will incur more expenses in replacing the whole engine or even having to get a new car.

10. Have a Car Maintenance Checklist

Above all, have a checklist where you can tick after every maintenance practice. Write down the maintenance practices that you should carry out and tick after completion.

Having a car maintenance checklist will help you to take better care of your machine.

Wrapping Up

Accomplishing the tasks in your car maintenance checklist will help in keeping your car in tiptop condition. A vehicle that is well maintained feels brand new every time you drive it.

Keeping your vehicle in perfect condition means that you won’t carry out expensive repairs regularly.

The peace of mind that comes with a smooth drive is unmatched. Drive without any mechanical issues. A well-maintained car keeps you and other road users safe.

Car maintenance is not as hard as you might think.

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