The 5 Coolest Guns You Can Buy Right Now

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Last year, about forty-two percent of American households had at least one gun. Yet, the focus is usually on size, function, effectiveness, and type of ammunition. Even so, it is possible to get cool guns that meet all your needs.

There are many benefits of owning a gun. These include self-defense, learning a new skill, and socializing. It builds your self-confidence and improves your mental and physical wellbeing.

Moreover, practicing at the gun range is fun and relaxing. A gun can reduce the stress of a potential home invasion or burglary. It will also help you hold off the invaders until the police arrive.

So, which are the cool guns you should be thinking about buying? Keep reading to find out.

Cool Guns You Should Consider Buying

Estimates suggest there are 83 privately-owned guns for every a hundred Americans. These aren’t often the coolest guns on the market though. Yet, you can now make a change and find something that’s both cool and functional.

Here are five examples of guns you should consider buying:

1. SIG Sauer P226

SIG Sauer guns are some of the most classic and coolest guns on the market. Their 220 Series has spawned great guns such as the P226 and its compact version P229. Many of the SIG Sauer guns are in service with law enforcement and military people.

The P226 is a very accurate gun with a locked breech style. It has a short recoil and it is possible to fire it in double action mode. You can find it in variants such as Tactical, Rail, and Navy.

2. M1 Garand

If you love history, then the M1 Garand is the gun for you. It is a World War II semi-auto gun, which fires eight rounds. Its wooden frame makes it durable and also reduces the recoil.

Moreover, the gun is accurate and reliable even in harsh environments. As such, you’ll get to show it off and use it anywhere.

3. Heckler & Koch VP9SK Luger

H&K’s VP9SK Luger is a 9mm striker-fired gun with a great design. It carries ten rounds and is ideal as a concealed carry weapon. Its body is a cannon-grade steel but it has adjustable grips.

Once you read the HK VP9SK review, you’ll find the gun works for both right and left-handers. It also provides magazine releases for both hands. Plus, it can take a flat-floorplate magazine or an extended one.

All in all, its features and its portability make it a cool and ideal gun to buy.

4. Ruger Blackhawk Revolver

The Ruger Blackhawk Revolver takes you back to the old West. It is a single-action revolver, which carries six bullets. It is a powerful gun that you can use for hunting various-sized animals.

Some calibers have a big recoil. Fortunately, the grip that’s on the Blackhawk is comfortable and suitable. Thus, it allows you to handle the gun safely.

5. Benelli M4 Shotgun

Fans of the “John Wick” movies are familiar with this Italian classic shotgun. It is a very powerful gun with a gas-operated system for dealing with recoils. You can use a different stock to be more comfortable when shooting.

The M4 Tactical shotgun has a Titanium Cerakote coating. This helps prevent corrosion and wear.

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As you can see, there are many options for cool guns for you to choose from. They’ll make you stand out while also providing the functions you expect from a gun. Remember, even the coolest of guns are dangerous and should be handled the right way.

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