The Meaning of Sobriety — Celebrated With Chips and Coins

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Sobriety tokens serve as a tangible reminder of the progress that a recovering addict has made in their sobriety journey. The chips depict the meaning of sobriety, but if you’re not familiar with them, it can be challenging to understand what they represent.

Below you’re going to find a brief guide about the aa chip system and how it works. Trust us, you’re going to be thankful that you took the time to understand the aa chip system.

What Is a Sobriety Token?

Sobriety tokens are used to mark each milestone that a recovering addict meets. For example, each token that they earn represents 1, 2, 3, 6, or 9 months of sobriety.

As the recovering addict continues to get more sobriety time under their belt, they will continue to earn more sobriety tokens. Each token is in the shape of a poker chip that you would commonly find in a casino and can be worn on keychains, bracelets, or simply carried in a pocket or bag.

Most people in recovery carry their chips around with them as a reminder of the progress they’ve made and how far they’ve come on their journey to recovery.

AA Anniversaries

There are going to be times when the road of addiction recovery us challenging to be on, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. When a recovering addict enters Alcoholics Anonymous, they will get the opportunity to share their experiences with others in recovery that have gone through the same things that they have.

As they continue to get to know others, they will then proceed with selecting a sponsor. The sponsor will help walk them through the 12-step program and be there for them when they feel tempted to use it.

They’ll also be there with the recovering addict to celebrate their sobriety anniversaries. During these anniversaries is when they will receive their latest chip marking yet another milestone.

12-Step program

Dealing with sobriety can be overwhelming, and the 12-step program helps them address the 12 steps one at a time. For example, there’s a step that focuses on assisting the person in recovery by making amends to those that were affected by their addiction.

The sponsor will help the recovering addict work through each step, no matter how long it takes to complete each step. And as they continue to work and deal with the tough times, they experience by revisiting these painful mirrors the AA chips will serve as a means of inspiration for them.

AA Chips: The Meaning of Sobriety

AA chips mean a lot to recovering addicts because they help them remember what the meaning of sobriety is really about. When they receive these chips, they shouldn’t be alone in celebrating. Everyone that’s around them should celebrate these milestone accomplishments with them.

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