Hemp Basics: 5 Things to Know Before Using Hemp

Did you know that hemp is so versatile it can be used to build cars? In 1941, Henry Ford made a car entirely out of hemp that could even run on hemp fuel. 

Hemp has so many incredible properties, but it’s important to understand how to use hemp and be aware of its legality.

Read on to learn all the hemp basics that you should be aware of before using hemp. 

1. Hemp Can Be Used for Almost Anything

If you’re wondering how to use hemp, the answer is, you can use hemp in almost anything.

Hemp can be used to make structures, fabric, plastics, and paper. Cars have been made entirely out of hemp. Clothing is made out of hemp. People also consume hemp, use it as a moisturizer, hair oil, and much more.

2. Hemp and Marijuana Are Not the Same Thing

Many people wonder what is hemp vs cannabis? Cannabis is a plant classification and there are many various species within it. Hemp and Marijuana are different plant species in the Cannabis family.

Hemp and Marijuana also have many differences. Not only do they look different visually, Marijuana has large amounts of THC and Hemp has a minimal amount of THC. THC is what “gets you high” when you use Marijuana. 

3. Is Hemp Legal?

Every state and country in the world has different laws about hemp. According to federal law in the United States, growing hemp technically isn’t legal. That being said, thirty-one states have made it legal to grow hemp. Colorado is currently the largest producer of hemp in the United States. 

Laws typically revolve around how much THC is in the hemp plant. In the United States, the average amount of THC-content that’s legal is 0.3%.

Hemp products that you purchase such as lotions, aloes, oils, etc. are all legal and can be found online or in numerous stores across the United States. 

4. Hemp Basics: How Can I Consume Hemp?

There are three primary parts in the hemp seed, including the oil, nut, and cake. You can consume them in different ways. 

The nut part of the hemp seed, often called hemp hearts, is extremely high in protein and are commonly used to make dairy free milk, cereal, and protein powders. 

Another popular way to use hemp is to use hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is popular to consume, and it’s also a favorite for beauty products because it doesn’t clog pores. Some things that are made of hemp seed oil can be found below.

  • Lotions and Moisturizers
  • Hair Oil
  • Salad Dressing
  • Natural Pain Reliever

5. Hemp is the Eco-friendly Choice 

Although cotton is much more popular than hemp when it comes to malign clothing and other fabrics, hemp is far more eco-friendly.

Why is hemp so much better for the environment than cotton? Hemp plants grow incredibly fast, and requires much less water than cotton. Additionally, a hemp plant produces 220% more fiber than cotton plants do. 

Not only do they use much less water, hemp plants can improve the quality of soil. Hemp is infamously known for its soil-cleaning properties because of its impact on the nuclear site of Chernobyl. 

Hemp plants are also naturally resistant to bugs, so they don’t need to be sprayed with any chemicals to thrive. They remove toxins and don’t require additional use of chemicals. 

Test it Out Today

Now that you know all the hemp basics, you can decide if using hemp is a good choice for you. If you support the growth of hemp, you can start incorporating it into your daily life. Whether you choose to wear clothing made out of hemp, add it to your daily smoothie or use hemp lotion, it’s an eco-friendly choice.

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