5 Amazing Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Happy man and woman lying in bed with smile

Do you feel like your sex life has become boring and monotonous? There are many ways to bring passion back into the bedroom! Many couples end up falling into a sexual rut, and you’re not alone.

Sex is a big part of keeping a happy and healthy relationship going, as well as having a large number of health benefits. Maybe it’s about time to spice things up with your partner in the bedroom.

Here are five great ways to reignite the fire tonight!

1. Communicate Your Wants & Needs

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try? Or maybe something you’d like your partner to do differently? Having an open & honest conversation with your partner about their desires as well as yours is a great way to try out those moves you’ve read or seen.

You can try to compile a list of things you’d like to try and tackle both of your sexual bucket lists together.

2. Try Tantric Sex

One ancient Hindu practice, tantric sex involved a deep intimate connection around sexual practices that create a more fulfilling and sensual experience for both partners. Practicing tantric sex involved slow movements and establishing a mind & body connection to take the time to enjoy the sexual journey together.

3. Bring in The Food & Toys (& we don’t mean Legos)

If you haven’t already, introducing toys into the bedroom can definitely be a great step into experimenting. With a large variety of options from costumes, bondage, to vibrators, and plugs.

If you’d like to start your journey gently into the world of toys a great place to start is things like edible body paint, and candy panties which you can shop here.

4. Prioritize Your Sex Life

Make it a goal for you and your partner to but sex as a priority in your relationship. If you have kids, ensure that you get some alone time regularly, try morning and afternoon sex, and of course, getting in a couple of quickies during the day won’t hurt!

Your sex life should be crossing in the top 10 if not the top 5 important aspects of your relationship. If it’s not, there’s no better time to start than now.

5. A Sexual Get-Away from Your Daily Self

Sometimes we just need a break from our daily routine, and what better way than to role-play. Whether you take a small vacation for a change of scene for your change of character, or you just bring it into your bedroom at home, pretending to be someone else for a night can be extremely liberating & spicy.

It’s normal to want to step away from our daily stresses for a little bit and be someone else for a change & if that leads to a better orgasm then all the better!

Sex Life with More Zest

Try out these 5 tips to upgrade your sex life from salt to cayenne in no time & start having that “can’t get enough of you” bedroom loving you’ve been missing.

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