The Top 10 Best Vape Pod Systems of 2019

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With so many different vape pod systems on the market today, how is anyone supposed to know which one is the best? Further, vaping is a growing and changing industry, so it’s difficult to stay informed and up-to-date on the newest and most current vaping technology. 

The best vape pod system, to some extent, is personal to the individual user, but some are clearly better than others by anyone’s standards. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten best vape pod systems of 2019 here, so read on and find out why these made the list. Hopefully, this list will help you narrow down and pinpoint the very best one for you.

The Top Ten Best Vape Pod Systems of 2019

We’ve tried dozens of different vape pod systems and the following ten are the vape pods that stood out the most. This list is in no particular order, but it includes our top ten favorites and the best of the bunch.

When choosing these as the best pod systems, we considered look, feel, ease of use, vapor production, battery life, heat-up time and more. These are, in our opinion, the best vape pod systems of this year.

Lost Vape Orion Q Pod Kit

The Lost Vape Orion Q Pod Kit is one of the best vape pods out there. We are not alone in this; this vape pod system also appears on many top vape pod system lists out there as well. 

The reasons for its popularity are numerous. First, its design is striking and memorable. It’s made of stainless steel and has real carbon fiber and abalone on the side panels.

More important, though, is its usability. It hits well and delivers lots of vape juice. Filling is easy and the pods snap on and off with ease. The battery holds a charge well and lasts eight hours, which is above average for vape pod systems in general.

Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod Starter Kit

If you’re looking for a long battery life, the Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod Starter Kit might be right for you. The battery on this vape pod system is longer than average at ten hours. The window allows users to view how much liquid is left, too, so this one is great for people that are always on the go.

This vape pod system charges quickly and creates a lot of vapor with just a casual draw. It’s comfortable to hold and hit and is enjoyable to use.

Suorin Edge

Like the first two vape pod systems described above, the Sourin Edge charges fast and holds a charge for a long time. The kit comes with two batteries so you can charge both and carry them with you so you’re ready for anything.

The best part about the Suorin Edge, though, is the slim flat design. It’s easy to carry and use, and is available in red, silver or black. All three look classy and modern.

UWell Caliburn

Like the Suorin Edge, the UWell Caliburn is sleek, metal and minimalistic and looks great right out of the box. It is lightweight and the pods snap in with a magnetic connector and have an easy top-fill design.  The pods are long-lasting and can be refilled many times without any diminished flavor.

It hits nicely, too. This vape pod system can be activated by using the button or simply by taking a draw. It feels smooth going down and the taste delivery is more than a little impressive.

Smok Nord 

The Smok Nord is a popular vape pod system that anyone who vapes will enjoy. Not only is this vape pod system affordable, but it also looks and works great too. It comes in a wide variety of colors, and at such a low price, why not buy several to match your different looks?

Further, the battery power on this vape pod system is impressive. The ability to monitor your remaining vape juice through the small window is helpful. But best of all, it pulls like a dream. You’ll fall in love with this vape pod system, available from Vappora, right away.

Suorin Drop

The Suorin Drop may look strange at first, but once you hold one in your hand, your feelings about it may change. Aptly named the drop due to its raindrop-type shape, this vape pod system is unconventional – but that’s what’s so great about it. 

It takes a little longer than most to heat up at four seconds, and the battery life is a bit shorter than some. But, the dual-chamber drop pod allows for easy mixology of vape liquids for those who enjoy experimenting, and the hits from this vape are as smooth as silk. 

Suorin Air Plus

Suorin’s designs this year have really made the grade. This Japanese company’s vape pod systems make three appearances on this list. The Suorin Air Plus is the third vape in Suorin’s series of air pod vapes. 

This vape pod system fits well in your hand and in your pocket and with it, the user can vape either vape juice or nicotine salts. The chamber for vape juice is rather large and can hold up to 3.5 mL of juice, making its capacity much larger than many other vape pod systems on this list.

Aspire Breeze 2

The Aspire Breeze 2 is another popular vape pod system that is a big hit with anyone who tries it. It is not only visually appealing but it has many features that make it a joy to use.

Like the Suorin Air Plus, this vape pod system invites users to use either nicotine salts or vape juice. It’s also affordable and easy to fill. It draws very well thanks to the adjustable airflow feature that allows you to set it to your preferred specifications. 

Rubi Kandypens

Rubi Kandypens is a great choice for people who prefer pre-filled pods, although their pods are also refillable if you prefer. These come in a number of exciting colors and their flat, sheer design is perfect for both holding and for secreting away in your pocket or purse.

They are simple to use and are great starter vape pod systems for anyone just beginning to vape. These are one of the best compact vape pod systems on the market and are worth trying out.

Kilo 1K Ultra E-Cigarette Pod System

The Kilo 1K Ultra E-Cigarette Pod System is one of the best looking vape pod systems out there. It is black and beautiful and includes a rubberized grip that makes the user feel that he or she is in full control. 

Pre-filled pods are available in six flavor profiles, but you can also fill it yourself. It is activated by drawing upon it and it delivers a nice smooth pull every time. It heats up fast and produces a large amount of tasty vapor that every user will enjoy.

Happy Vaping

Whether you are a long-time vaper or someone who is just starting out in this exciting hobby, this list is a great thing to consult to find out about the best vape pod systems out there today. You can’t go wrong with any of these incredible vape pod systems, so why not buy a few? You will surely enjoy them all and get a somewhat different experience from each. Happy vaping!

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