The Top 7 Benefits of Contacts Instead of Glasses

benefits of contacts

How many times has this happened to you? You’re going on your morning jog, and your glasses fall off your face on to the hard sidewalk below. You cringe because you don’t want to look at the damage or think of having to drop 300 dollars on a new pair. How many times have you put a cute shirt back on a rack because there is no way the color will match your glasses?

If your answer to these scenarios was more than one or two times, you might benefit from looking into contact lenses. If you’re still debating glasses or contacts, here are a few benefits of contacts that you might be unaware of.

1. Contacts are the Answer for Active People

Contacts are perfect for active people. They stay securely in your eyeball. This means they don’t move around when your head moves. You don’t have to worry about them falling out and breaking.

Contact lenses rarely pop out. The only time they do is when you rub your eyes too hard. If they do fall out, you don’t have to worry about them crashing on the pavement.

Glasses can also be annoying when you have to wear necessary safety gear like helmets, caps, and goggles.

2. See the World in a Clearer Way

Contact lenses rest comfortably on the curvature of your eye. This gives you a wider field of view than you could ever get with glasses.

With contacts, you will never have to worry about your vision fogging up when you open your dishwasher again. They aren’t affected by any kind of weather conditions either.

You know those little distortions you get with glasses? Contact lenses don’t have those. Probably the best benefits of contacts are, they don’t scratch up like fragile lenses.

3. Put your Own Spin on them

Have you ever looked in the mirror and decided that you really don’t like your eye color? Contact lenses come in a wide variety of color options that you can use to temporarily and safely change the color of your eyes.

This also applies around Halloween when you want to dress up, or if you want to cosplay as a certain character for a con. Plenty of websites allow you to plug in your prescription and purchase colored contacts safely. If the website doesn’t ask you for your prescription stay away from them.

Any eye doctor will give you your prescription information. If you don’t have a regular doctor, you can go to places like this website to set up an appointment.

4. You don’t have to Compromise your Syle

Glasses can make you look awesome but they can also limit your look. If you wear eye makeup chances are other people won’t be able to see your hard work through your glasses.

Glasses will need to go with your outfit. This may sound silly but casual glasses might not look right with formal attire and vice versa. Certain colors clash with each other as well. Contact lenses go with everything so you never have to worry about putting a cute dress back on the rack.

There aren’t many options when it comes to light reflective lenses. When you have contact lenses you now have a whole world of sunglass options that you didn’t have before.

5. They can be More Comfortable

No matter how specific your condition is there is a contact lens for you. There are toric lenses for astigmatism and multifocal for those who require multiple prescriptions in one eye to correct presbyopia

If you have sensitive eyes you can get contacts that are made to accommodate those with dry eyes.

Glasses are just annoying in general. They are an uncomfortable weight on your face and ears that need adjusting every so often. Contacts won’t slide down your nose every ten minutes and they’re only uncomfortable if you put them in wrong.

6. They can be Cheaper if you Buy them Online

Both glasses and contacts are relatively cheap considering the fact that you need them so much in your everyday life. Whichever one is cheaper is all left up to opinion.

Glasses are a one time charge. You have to visit your doctor once a year at least but if your prescription doesn’t change much and you don’t break your glasses you can have them for a while.

Most are under the false impression that contact lenses are expensive because you have to buy a new box every month or so. There are some websites that offer them for a cheaper price so don’t let the price tag deter you away.

7. They just Make Life Easier in General

While movies don’t display kissing with glasses being as awkward as kissing with braces, it can still be a little awkward. You can get on a roller coaster with your friends without having to worry about your glasses falling off. If you’re a person who loves taking selfies you won’t have to worry about lens glare.

If you do a video presentation for an online class or work and wear contacts your audience will actually be able to see your pretty eyes. The list goes on.

Don’t Suffer because You are Vision Impaired, Reap the Benefits of Contacts

You shouldn’t have to be jealous of those who just wake up being able to see normally. There are tons of benefits of contacts. You don’t have to match them with your wardrobe, you can change up your eye color, and they can just be more comfortable in general. Live as normally as you want.

Want to know more about different kinds of eye products? If so, check out the products section of our blog

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